The Flagship Haylou RS5 Smart Watch Model now Includes a new Coupon for a Massive 2.01-inch AMOLED Display with 1000 nits of Brightness and BT calls

  • 18-April-2024

One of China's most well-known brands for "small" smart electronics, Haylou, unveiled the Haylou RS5, their newest "flagship" smart watch model. The Chinese aim to draw attention with a design that blends fashion and function, obviously drawing inspiration from Apple's smart watches. However, they are not far behind in terms of fitness features, health tracking, and surprisingly affordable prices.

Haylou RS5 are available directly in the manufacturer's official Aliexpress store at the best market price. In addition to the price, the advantage is that shipping is completely free via verified customs-free Aliexpress Standard Shipping.

An Elegant AMOLED Display

Impressive 2,01-inch AMOLED Boundless View display with 410 x 502 pixel resolution and a maximum brightness of 1000 nits serves as the foundation for the Haylou RS5 watch. Weighing only 51g and measuring approximately 10.5 mm in thickness, this elegant metal-framed watch is cast from metal. They offer two silicone and fabric strap options, as well as more than 100 customizable watch faces.

Beyond being a mere accessory, the Haylou RS5 watch is capable of providing the wearer with ongoing health information, including vital signs related to sleep and general well-being. It also features automatic stress tracking, heart rate monitoring, and continuous blood oxygen monitoring.

Entire Spectrum of Smart and Fitness Features

The Haylou RS5 offers more than 150 sports modes to suit every kind of physical activity, in addition to the essential features of tracking steps, distance traveled, calories burned, and activity—whether you're a novice or an avid fitness enthusiast. In the IP68 standard, waterproofness is a given.

With a 24-hour heart rate monitor, the 300 mAh battery is supposed to last for nine days, according to the manufacturer. The watch also has standard smart features like voice assistant, Bluetooth calls, weather, music control, and camera, in addition to standard features like an alarm clock, calculator, stopwatch, and the ability to locate a phone or watch.

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