The mainnet phase of OMAX COIN is about to start. What are you waiting for? 

  • 12-August-2022

Working continuously and after lot of diligence and persistence the Omax blockchain is schedule to launch on 19th Of August 2022., Building a blockchain is hard enough, Our team comes from a background of building products and quickly iterating on them. The team of Omax Coin has been forming and testing the following three main features since they began developing the Omax blockchain in late 2021.SPEED,SECURITY AND SCALABLITY, Blockchain brought decentralization to the masses through the concept of Distributed Ledger Technology on which “most” of the cryptocurrency is based on. Having said that not all blockchain based technology is completely decentralized, and the level of decentralization totally depends on its implementation. OMAX BLOCKCHAIN objective is to make it a user and business-friendly smart contract model easily deployable on E-commerce platforms and a secure network. It will enable users to launch their Dapps on a secure protocol.   In the future, a Consensus covenant via upgradable contracts as per business and market requirements can be deployed to deal with emerging technology or competition. The initial Validator Set will consist of 21 trusted nodes in the genesis stage. After the block stage has begun, anyone can compete to become a validator candidate. Moreover, a hybrid Layer 1 proof of stake protocol built from the ground up, OMAX coin has chosen to be compatible with the existing EVM protocols to take benefit of the relatively developed apps and community building a secure and reliable network. OMAX coin will provide native cross-chain communication functionality between blockchains.   WEBSITE          TELEGRAM            TWITTER         INSTAGRAM         FACEBOOK     GITHUB

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