The pareto principle is a cliche but a wise one: Manish Mehta

The pareto principle is a cliche but a wise one: Manish Mehta

In a mere span of 2 years, he has over 200+ happy clients from more than 17 countries and has worked with the top 1% of people in this industry for a long time. He is none other than Manish Mehta, one of the youngest social media experts in the marketing industry.

As of today, people who know how to use resources wisely make fortunes during their lifespans. He is growing at a steady pace, and it is making a name for itself when it comes to social media. He has, up till now, helped more than 25+ 6-7 figure social media agency owners too, scaling their business with his ROI proven Growth and paid ads services.

His company works to endorse client products, services, and branding over social media platforms. We asked Manish how he operates alongside these many clients altogether? He said, ” Over years, I have developed my time management in a way that every client gets evenly spaced time in ratios as per the need of the hour. The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, is something of a cliché in business. However, Manish emphasizes business as a system that is dependent on self-management. It involves discipline, building positive habits, and a positive or growth-centric mindset. Managing others is meaningless if you cannot manage yourself. The 20% of your time that you might allocate to self-management might be responsible for 80% of your success.” He further continues, “In my case, the feeling of being one’s boss is essential, for I feel the kick with it.”

Apart from digital marketing, he’s a blogger and Youtuber also. Manish is an all-rounder and likes to keep it that way. It is a rare sight indeed to come across individuals like him these days who are actually passionate about their work and like learning new things every day.

Many people offer a wide array of services or products without being able to serve distinction in any particular area. On the other hand, Manish has developed a strategy for his own business that focuses on vertical integration. It means controlling an entire process from top to bottom instead of trying to enter many different markets at the same time. With his exposure-based expertise fueled by his passion, he is all set to conquer the business world. Check out his imanishmehta, and get detailed guidance for your business.

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