The streaming service that combines HBO Max and Discovery+ could be referred to as "Max."

  • 05-December-2022

HBO Max and Discovery+ will soon be combined into a single streaming service under a new name from Warner Bros. Discovery. "Max," which would eliminate the more well-known component of HBO Max's branding, appears to be the frontrunner for the merged platform's name at the moment.

Attorneys for the organization are screening a few names, however, Max is supposed to be the main pack. A Warner Bros. spokesperson told the company was still debating the name. However, given that the combined streaming service is expected to launch in the spring, they will need to make a decision fairly quickly.

Over the years, HBO has acquired a certain level of prestige. However, it is said that the leaders of Warner Bros. Discovery see some value in establishing HBO as a sub-brand alongside CNN and Discovery. Following earlier this year's merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery, CEO David Zaslav reduced spending on HBO Max. The streaming service will also have a lot more content than HBO.

There has been some confusion regarding the branding of HBO streaming apps: HBO Go and HBO Now came before HBO Max. Having another with HBO in the name could additionally mess everything up. In addition, executives are said to have expressed concern that consumers might associate the HBO Max name with less prestigious content on the streaming service, which could lower the value of HBO as a brand.

The new platform, which is said to be similar to Disney+, will reportedly have hubs for content from HBO, Discovery, DC Comics, Warner Bros., and other media outlets—just like Disney+ has hubs for Star Wars, Pixar, National Geographic, and other media outlets. Subscription fees for Max, or whatever it eventually becomes, are still unknown.

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