Twitter Blue's Monday relaunch includes these features; Musk claims that there will be a 4,000-character limit

  • 12-December-2022

On Monday, Twitter plans to relaunch the subscription service Twitter Blue. This weekend, the company made the official announcement, confirming previous rumors. Twitter Blue will offer a small bunch of elements at send off, including blue marks for endorsers. However, the cost of subscribing via Twitter for iOS will be higher than that of subscribing via the Twitter website.

What to anticipate from Twitter Blue for $8

The addition of a blue checkmark to the profiles of subscribers will be Twitter Blue's most notable feature. This feature was only available for a short time when Twitter launched it last month, but major issues with impersonation led to its removal. This time, Twitter claims to be carrying out a few actions it hopes will reduce impersonation.

A verified phone number is required for your Twitter account in order to receive the blue checkmark after signing up for Twitter Blue. After your account "has been reviewed," a checkmark will appear; however, the specifics of this review process are unknown. In addition, your blue checkmark will be removed until your account is reviewed once more if you alter your Twitter handle, display name, or profile picture.

To help mean between Twitter Blue endorsers and other brand accounts, Twitter says it will utilize a gold checkmark for businesses. “Government and multilateral accounts” will receive a gray checkmark. The gray checkmark will be available "later in the week," while the new gold checkmark is currently being released.

The blue checkmark plainly Twitter accepts will be the greatest feature of Twitter Blue. The subscription will begin with tweet editing support and "early access" to additional "select new features."

Twitter claims that Twitter Blue will also support uploading 1080p videos and longer videos at some point in the future. Additionally, Twitter states that responses from Twitter Blue accounts "will be prioritized" in search and mentions. Twitter Blue subscribers will likewise "see half the ads." Again, the company states that these features are "coming soon."

Elon Musk has also confirmed that Twitter intends to raise the maximum number of characters that can be included in a tweet to 4,000. This is a significant increase over the current limit of 280 characters. The launch date for this change is unknown. Additionally, it is not clear whether longer tweets will be accessible to all users or only subscribers to Twitter Blue.

If you subscribe to Twitter Blue through the Twitter website, the monthly fee is $8. Twitter is charging $11 per month to cover costs associated with the App Store if you choose to subscribe via Twitter for iOS. The convenience of not having to directly disclose your billing and payment information to Twitter is one advantage of using Apple's subscription system.

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