Twitter includes Podcasts on the live audio tab

  • 26-August-2022

  Twitter will begin prescribing and streaming podcasts straightforwardly to clients as a feature of a redesigned hub that groups live and recorded audio content by category. The podcast integration, which signals Twitter's proceeded with expansions into audio, launched Thursday to a select group of English-speaking iOS and Android clients through the Spaces tab on Twitter's mobile application. Categories in the redesigned tab incorporate news, sports and music; every category will incorporate live audio rooms, replays of recorded rooms and well known podcast episodes from those categories that will be personalized in view of user interests. To bring the podcast episodes onto the platform, a Twitter representative let The Hollywood Reporter know that the organization is pulling from existing RSS feeds and will tailor the suggestions in light of the points a client follows and the general interests tied to their accounts. Clients can likewise submit "thumbs up” and “thumbs down” reactions to podcasts to additionally customize their suggestions. As of the test launch, Twitter gives off an impression of being following a Pandora-esque model for podcasts, instead of attempting to rival Spotify and Apple Podcasts. The organization, which said 45% of its clients in the U.S. additionally listen to podcasts monthly, has not uncovered when it will carry out the podcast integration to all clients. “We know that some discussions need more than 280 characters, and bringing people closer to the ideas, content, and creators they know and love is core to Twitter no matter where the conversations take place,” Twitter said in a blog post announcing the test feature.

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