Uber grows 'no talking' rides and launches helicopter service

  • 10-July-2019

Uber is turning down the volume — and looking to the sky — in its most recent round of new services.

The company reported Tuesday it is growing its conversation-free car trips to more rides and launching a helicopter service in New York City for a speedy (and costly) trek to the airport.

Clients should choose a Comfort trip from its list of choices, including Uber Pool, UberX, Uber Black and UberXL. The new Comfort tier of vehicles highlights moderate size cars, offers extra legroom and gives travelers a chance to demand their optimal temperature.

Clients across the nation will currently have the option to demand car trips in which they won't need to converse with drivers, permitting riders down time "if you need to respond to emails or are in the mood for a nap," according to the company.

In May, Uber first launched "calm mode" on Uber Black and Uber SUV, its premium ridehail services.

Be that as it may, Uber's new helicopter service, Uber Copter, will be so quick there won't be a great opportunity to crush in a snooze. The 8 moment excursions will be offered in Manhattan south of Houston Street to JFK International Airport on weekdays during afternoon rush hour. One-way tickets will cost about $200.

Uber envisions replacing the helicopter trips with self-sufficient electric flying cars that it expects will make transportation quicker and more secure. Until further notice, Uber is beginning with a constrained helicopter plan with the quantity of outings controlled by demand. Not anybody can book a helicopter ride. Just Uber clients with the most elevated amounts of status in its reward program, platinum and precious stone, will be qualified for the outings.

Uber doesn't work the flights itself; they're dealt with by HeliFlite, a New Jersey-based sanction helicopter company.

Uber users will see the helicopter choice spring up in the app when they're planning excursions including lower Manhattan, JFK International Airport or select zones with access toward the West Side Highway. Outings must begin or end in this assigned zone to see the Copter alternative. Uber will organize with its car administration to get travelers in lower Manhattan to the helipad. Outings to the airport can be booked the day of, like a typical Uber ride, or up to five days in advance.

Travelers on Uber Copter, which seats five individuals, can expedite a convey sack and an individual pack. Tipping the helicopter pilots isn't allowed.

Uber said it is open to expanding the Copter service to other areas. For now, it intends to use the flights to help learn about aerial ride-hailing and inform its future products.

The new service drew criticism from some New York leaders including Mayor Bill de Blasio and City Council Speaker Corey Johnson in June following a fatal helicopter crash that raised questions about air traffic safety in cities. Uber officials said they've teamed with HeliFlite because of its strong safety record.

Uber also said Tuesday its public transportation initiative in Denver led to 1,200 bus and rail tickets sold through the app since its May launch. The company wants to become the one-stop shop for transportation, whether a person travels by car, bike, scooter, bus, train or helicopter.

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