Unveiled is the Rogbid Rowatch 6, which has ECG capabilities

  • 28-November-2023

Rogbid is expanding on its previous work to provide health monitoring features for its line of smartwatches. The Rogbid Rowatch 6, which doubles as an ECG tool, has been introduced by the company. The earlier release of the Rowatch with blood glucose monitoring in July 2023 is followed by the release of the Rogbid Rowatch 6.


According to a press release from Rogbid, the new smartwatch represents the company's unwavering pursuit of technological advancements for a complete user health management experience. The culmination of the Rogbid team's extensive research is the Rogbid Rowatch 6, which combines ECG measurement with blood glucose monitoring. Remember that the brand's first smartwatch with blood glucose monitoring functionality was the Rowatch 4? The user touches the heart rate monitor for instant measurement to activate the Rowatch 6 integrated ECG heart rate monitor. Additionally, it offers real-time blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood oxygen monitoring for health.

The 2.01-inch display on the Rogbid Rowatch 6 has a resolution of 300 x 356 pixels. It supports Bluetooth calling and has multiple watch faces that can be customized. When utilizing a smartphone, it also facilitates music playback controls, remote camera control, and message notifications. The thickness of the smartwatch is 12mm and its weight is 40g. For resistance against perspiration and light rain, it has an IP67 rating. The Rowatch 6 boasts more than 100 sports modes and a 300mAh polymer battery that can last up to 7 days on a 2-hour charge.

Cost and Availability

There are five color options for the Rogbid Rowatch 6: pink, grey, blue, gold, and black. At $34.98, it is affordable for a broad spectrum of consumers across all age groups. Direct purchases can be made from the Rogbid store. Because of the ongoing Rogbid Christmas Joy Shopping event, the model is priced lower.

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