Waheed Al Marzooqi: The man with the mission to secure his country from electronic breaches and online threats

Waheed Al Marzooqi: The man with the mission to secure his country from electronic breaches and online threats

He is a high-performing cybersecurity expert in the field of information security and smart devices of the UAE.

To be updated about the online world and increase knowledge about the same today is of utmost importance. This is because of the many external online threats that many countries all around the world face because of online hackers, viruses, malware, etc. It is essential for an individual to always be aware and conscious about the many activities they carry out through phones or other smart devices in the web space. All these activities that individuals feel are safe enough are most of the time, the hazardous activities that get carried out in the cyberspace, resulting in electronic extortions, threats, etc. For combating such grave issues of a country, it is important to appoint professionals who can make way for the security and safety of the people. To save people and shield the country from electronic breaches in UAE is a man and a genius in the information security and smart devices sector, he is Waheed Al Marzooqi, an incredibly intelligent and clever technical leader and security expert who has protected his country from many cybersecurity crimes and has led UAE towards being more free from such online crimes and thefts.

Since the beginning, if there was any knowledge that Marzooqi wished to multiply, it was the technical knowledge and expertise as he always felt a certain affinity for the field and believed that he could be the strong force in his mission to protect people and the country from the various potential online threats. It has been his awareness and the abilities to adapt himself according to modern times in the technological field that turned him into a sound technical expert. This quality of his has also made him earn a distinguished name for himself, where today he has been honoured by many prestigious certificates for his astounding contribution to the field of information security and smart devices.

Marzooqi was born in 1989 and hails from UAE. In 2006, he began his expedition professionally in the technical field and started working on many theft cases of electronic accounts and other online extortion cases. He tackled the outside online hackers and threats through his increased knowledge and expertise in the field, powered by his passion and determination to save his homeland. He is the man who has safeguarded the cybersecurity of multiple VIPs, renowned Arabs, prominent celebrities, artists and many others, which has also exceeded one hundred thousand cases till date.

His gradual rise in the field made him a cybersecurity entrepreneur as well by becoming the CEO of ‘Technical Support Company’ that works to secure electronic calculations and sites. Over the years, he has formulated many strategies and techniques that are effective to remove any electronic breaches and serve the people in the country through all possible ways in the online world from cyber threats. This prominence that Marzooqi enjoys today has encouraged him to become a social counselor as well, who has given people his brilliant advises on social media, its threats, etc. for many communities from the years 2015 to 2017. Besides this, he has also helped people by giving them free technical knowledge and has been involved in other humanitarian works. Marzooqi has tried to share his knowledge and experience of the field with others through writing newspaper articles and by appearing in TV interviews.

He provides his services in the approved legal way that depends on the scientific methodological foundations that are used globally in the field. Truly, Marzooqi is a high-performing cybersecurity expert who has made his country proud because of all his notable works in the technical and security fields.

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