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  • 23-April-2020

The Tag Heuer Brand

The TAG Heuer brand is known worldwide for the production of luxury Swiss watches. Founded in 1860 by Edward Heuer, she cultivates the principles of prestigious watchmaking. The offer of a reputable brand is rich in women's and men's watches directed to the client who values luxury and classics.

TAG Heuer watches are characterized by reliable mechanisms and precision in operation. This company has paved new routes in watchmaking many times, introducing many prestigious technologies.

The first watch company in the world - as early as 1916 - introduced mechanical watches with stopwatches that measured time with an accuracy of 1/100 sec. Over half a century later, the Microtimer was constructed - its accuracy was already 1/1000 of a second.

They were the first to create a watch, the mechanism of which worked thanks to the use of V-belts and ball bearings, and not toothed wheels as in a traditional watch.

Tag Heuer for Women & Tag Heuer for Men

TAG Heuer men's and women's watches are mainly characterized by sporting enthusiasm. They are the succession after the impact of the prestigious brand on the global sport.

Many famous women’s and men’s, movie, sport or show business stars identify with the Swiss company. Famous people include Christiano Ronaldo. Brand ambassadors were also: Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Uma Thurman.

The Most Popular Tag Heuer Collections

Like other great watchmaking companies operating in the same scope as Tag Heuer, also the brand founded by Edward Heuer offers jewelry, as well as every day and sports products.

A multitude of designs will be appreciated by all customers who care about adjusting the timer to their lifestyle and dress. If, in addition to reliability and design, functionality is important to you, then you will find what you are looking for in these watches.

What made the Swiss brand famous? First of all, the implementation of tension and adjustment mechanisms that preceded modern lace. The brand's reputation is also based on the use of V-belts and ball bearings as an alternative to traditional gears.

Watchmakers were also precursors of timepieces equipped with very accurate stopwatches. This function is useful especially when playing sports. If you live actively and your watch is not only to measure time but also to help you control the course of training, you will be interested in the level of water resistance. In some models, it is up to 500 meters.

Tag Heuer Models:

•      Carrera - Tag Heuer Carrera has been maintained in the spirit of sporting elegance. Many of us may associate Carrera with a Porsche car, but the name of the TAG Heuer Carrera watch collection comes from the legendary Carrera Panamericana race that took place in Mexico in the 1950s. They are a very successful combination of classic design - a round case, strap or bracelet - with sporty elegance.

•      Formula 1 - Tag Heuer Formula 1 is a men's watch, the case with a diameter of 41mm is made of high-quality 316L stainless steel. Hands and indexes covered with superluminova phosphorescent material that glows in the dark long after the watch leaves the range of light.

•      Link - Tag Heuer Link is characterized by casual and sporty design. The steel case is connected to a bracelet, with links forming an S-shape. The outer edge of the case is shaped like a pillow, and the inner is round. Attention is drawn to the steel body of the housing, partly polished on the top of the telescope ring.

•      Monaco - TAG Heuer Monaco has a square envelope shape and is waterproof. The Heuer Monaco watch was the first stopwatch with an unconventional case. Heuer Monaco watches are equipped with an automatic winding movement. Individual models are equipped with a chronograph, anti-reflective coating, secure clasp, date display and fluorescent hands and indexes on the dial.

Used Tag Heuer Watches

The slogan Don't Crack Under Pressure is associated with the TAG Heuer brand - it manifests the strength of the brand and the desire to push forward, search for new development paths and walk your paths.

Therefore, look for a new path for yourself and buy your Used Tag Heuer at Gray and Sons Jewelers. A specialized team of consultants and watchmakers will advise you in choosing the most suitable Tag Heuer watch for you or the person you want to give. They have a huge offer of Authentic Certified Pre Owned Watches.

Where to Buy Tag Heuer

Many showrooms in Miami offer luxury products from famous brands. Used Tag Heuer at Gray & Sons is many different collections that are available for sale online at www.grayandsons.com and landline in Surfside.

It is worth remembering to choose trustworthy companies when choosing a shopping destination. Such a company is Gray & Sons Jewelers and it is thanks to its owner Mr. Keith A. Gray, who cares about all the details and his clients. Suggesting customer feedback is helpful, especially if you are buying a luxury timer for a few, or even several thousand USD.

Safe courier shipping, warranty, and professional service during sales and after-sales are further arguments for choosing a reputable Gray and Sons boutique. They are the most trusted company in Florida, New York, California, Texas.

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