What is Gothic architecture? And what are the important works of the Gothic style? This time Helia Rad, a famous Iranian architect, explains

  • 05-February-2022

History of Gothic architecture

The history of this art style dates back to the Middle Ages and Europe; Where the French built the Church of Saint-Denis in the 1140s as the first Gothic-style structure. But it was not long before, in the 12th century, attention shifted to the unique Gothic style of architecture in Europe, and gradually several churches and cathedrals were built in other parts of the continent. Why we consider Gothic to be a unique style needs a lot of explanation, but in short, we can say that the Gothic style is different from other classical construction methods in Europe and the Middle East (including countries such as Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and ... ) Was inspired and ended up in a new style by making changes in them.

While the most important features in Gothic architecture are:

Pyramidal arches

Suspended backs

Arched ceilings

Tinted glass

Gothic architecture is predominantly found in churches and cathedrals in Western Europe

Notre Dame Cathedral, France

One of the best examples of Gothic architecture in France is the Cathedral of Notre Dame (Cath├ędrale Notre-Dame), whose construction began in 1163 and was completed about 13 centuries later in 1345. Notre Dame Cathedral is famous in Europe and the world and is visited by millions of tourists every year. The cathedral underwent major changes during the reign of Louis XIV and his son Louis XV. He also suffered a lot of gunshot wounds during World War II, which were repaired after the end of the war.

Cologne Cathedral, Germany

It is impossible to talk about Gothic architecture and not mention the Cologne Cathedral. The church, the construction of which began in 1248 and for various reasons took more than 5 centuries to complete. One of the important points about this Gothic masterpiece is its huge size

Sofia Mosque, Cyprus

Gothic architecture is recognized worldwide as a style of Western art, and it is rare to see a mosque built in this style. The Sophia Mosque in Cyprus is one of those special cases, the construction of which began in 1209 and lasted until the end of the century.

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