The project Nasce, Cresce, Ignora® starts from afar, from the dream of a student just ">

What were the initial phases of the Nasce, Cresce, Ignora® project?

  • 17-November-2021

The project Nasce, Cresce, Ignora® starts from afar, from the dream of a student just eighteen. It all began with the creation of the homonymous Facebook page (which today boasts over 550,000 followers) and with the creation of the attached Facebook group ("Ora et Ignora").

To my great surprise, at least initially, my work was liked right from the start, gathering an increasingly important number of followers. Inevitably, I found myself completely immersed in the project, which had now become a full-time job, especially with the explosion of the Instagram page, which now has more than 2,000,000 followers. I expanded the team, transforming the "I" into a very well assembled "WE". Each team member has specialized in something, up to the formation of a real Network. Behind our success, there is a huge amount of planning and organization. The virtuality of a page so well known and appreciated is however inseparable from the people who carry it forward with dedication.

Why do you think your Network is so successful?

First of all, we have the habit of listening to our audience. We don't just go straight down the street, we don't just follow fashion. We are perfectly aware of being a product of those who appreciate us and have been following us for many years. And it is our job to respect and satisfy them in the best possible way. We don't leave our fan base just because we have achieved success. The real apex is reached when those who have accompanied you on a path of growth are proud of what you have built.

Our fans know who we are, they know we always put them first. Transparency and clarity are the fundamental pillars of what we have created over the years. We would not be where we are without our followers and we would not have convinced them to stay with us for more than 5 years if they did not know that we can be trusted.

How do you plan to carry out the project?

There is always a lot that "boils in the pot".

The ideas of a creative process do not always see the light immediately, also because they are not necessarily born at the right historical moment. You don't have to increase the load just to do it, you have to have the nose to understand when and how to do a certain thing. That's why our last step was the creation of our official website

Not a simple blog or a cauldron in which to amass whatever comes to mind. Our site will be a clean and accurate source of information. Professional.

We want to become a backbone not only of youth entertainment, but also of communication. Often when it comes to news or information, young people are neglected, pushed aside. We want to break this invisible barrier, this stereotype that young people don't care about the world around them. This will be their home, their future. And it is our duty to inform them fairly and impartially. Obviously, on our site there will be a section linked to passions, such as football, cinema or video games. But we will also talk about current affairs, news and everything that may interest our so large audience. While achieving incredible milestones, we have barely scratched the surface of our potential. Now it's time to take the next step.

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