With the HarmonyOS 4 update, Huawei introduces significant changes to the Watch 4 Pro.

  • 04-November-2023

The Huawei Watch 4 Ace has begun accepting its most memorable significant programming update. The Watch 4 Star is currently qualified to download HarmonyOS 4 all around the world, which has previously shown up for the less expensive Watch GT 4.

Huawei has given a significant update for the Watch 4 Master following its pre-summer discharge close by the less expensive Watch 4. Purportedly, the update presents HarmonyOS 4, which arrived at the Watch GT 4 half a month prior. Apparently, an identical update for the Watch 4 will show up soon, given the equipment similitudes that exist among it and the Watch 4 Star.

Anyway, last option is currently qualified for HarmonyOS 4 through firmware variant (SP36C432E2R1P2). For reference, the update is supposed to be a 772 MB download, which is downloaded first on a matched cell phone and afterward moved to your Watch 4 Ace. In this way, it could take some time for the redesign cycle from HarmonyOS 3 to wrap up.

Kindly note that Huawei will in general delivery achievement operating system refreshes in bunches. All in all, Huawei may not push a notice to download HarmonyOS 4 for some time yet. Likewise, Huawei suggests refreshing its Wellbeing application prior to endeavoring to begin the HarmonyOS 4 update process. As per Huawei Blog, Huawei has remembered the accompanying upgrades for its HarmonyOS 4 (SP36C432E2R1P2) changelog:

Adds the pre-introduced Space traveler watch face.
Adds stretch preparation mode.
Adds the pulse declaration capability.
Adds the preparation metronome capability.
Permits you to import and product courses.
Permits you to synchronize settings of explicit watch faces between standard mode and super lengthy battery duration mode.
Upholds showing application names in network mode.
Works on different elements and client experience.

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