Zachary Tarnopol (‘Poke’): Creating waves as a young influencer and creative entrepreneur, leaving a positive impact on the next generation.

Zachary Tarnopol (‘Poke’): Creating waves as a young influencer and creative entrepreneur, leaving a positive impact on the next generation.

His positive approach and ingenuity for his work as a gamer and video content creator have earned him an international recognition across mediums.

The advent of so many latest technologies has made an individual’s life much more accessible and comfortable. However, this accessibility that humans get from the digital mediums, helping them increase their knowledge, connect with people to every corner of the world and get closer to each other through digital mediums, has many young minds behind it that make it all possible. The kind of entertainment and relatable content that these young talents provide individuals with is something that not only engages people more but also gives them opportunities to learn from one another. Zachary Tarnopol, who is popularly known as Poke is one such young talent of only 22 years of age, who started his career at only 9, and today has transformed his life from being an ordinary YouTuber and gamer to a phenomenal content creator and influencer of the US.

Over years of working hard on his YouTube channel ( right from the time of being a kid and always striving to offer something new and fresh to his audiences in terms of video contents and gaming videos, Poke garnered a colossal community of nearly 4.54 million subscribers on his channel, with more than 1 Billion video views. His growing prominence in the digital world as a gamer and an influencer is something that today acts as a case study of success to many other aspiring influencers and creative entrepreneurs.

Poke is a shining example as an internationally known gamer who achieved incredible feats being one of the dominant names as Roblox content creators. His account on Roblox has gained more than a million followers and still growing. His popularity is not confined to only this platform; Poke has gone ahead and earned millions of followers on other social media platforms as well; for example TikTok (500K followers, and Instagram (215K followers).

Optimizing the digital world, with his firm, Poke comes up with latest concepts and ideas that create real-life content and gaming content that strives to teach lessons to the next generation and help them to see the much deeper message behind it. As an influencer, today Poke feels that he has the power to teach the kids something good and something which can alter their perspectives for the better.

To all the other aspiring YouTubers and influencers, Poke says that anybody can become one like him and accomplish the things they desire; however, it takes time and requires a determined mind that works with dedication consistently no matter what.

Speaking of his future aspirations, Poke says that he wishes to create a team of passionate and driven employees and create content across tens of channels, increasing their influence across YouTube on a much greater level. Lastly, Poke also suggests budding entrepreneurs to stay out of their comfort zones and go all out to experiment on new things to increase the chances to attain more success.

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