A Waterproof Smartwatch Featuring a Large Battery life, LTE, Wi-Fi, Android, and a Camera is Released at a Remarkably Low Cost

  • 12-June-2024

A brand-new smartwatch with some fairly unique features is called the Hero A from Rollme. The wearable running Android provides LTE connectivity, WiFi, a selfie camera, and other features. It is being released at a remarkably affordable price.

Recently, Rollme—a producer of smartwatches that are often quite affordable—introduced the Hero A, a device that seems well-equipped and has a lot of functionality promised. Testing is necessary to assess how well these perform in actual use, though.

There is 4G LTE connectivity built in into the Rollme Hero A. The wristwatch may independently connect to the mobile network by inserting a SIM card into a slot on the side. WiFi is accessible in addition to Bluetooth, which is extremely uncommon for a wearable.

A 2.13-inch display with a resolution of 410 x 502 and a peak brightness of 600 nits is located on the front of the Hero A, according Rollerme. It is also not a given in a smartwatch that the upper edge of the display, shielded by Panda Glass, has a 2 MP HD camera for pictures, video calls, and more.

Additionally, there's room for a sizable 1,000 mAh battery inside the sturdy, IP67 waterproof chassis. A 15-day battery life is promised by the maker, however given the features and Android OS, this seems improbable. But Android has the benefit of having 16 GB of storage, which can be used to install a large number of programs.

A controlled five sports modes, GPS for tracking and location, a flashlight, alarm clock, calendar, browser, and more are among the other features of the Rollme Hero A that have been advertised. It also has the standard measurement of heart rate and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2).

The company is charging $79.99 for the Rollme Hero A straight to customers. It will eventually cost approximately $140, according to Rollme; this is just the launch pricing.

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