Alina Rai From England to Bollywood

Alina Rai From England to Bollywood

Mumbai, India.

Alina Rai who first appeared on our screens with her super hit debut song Kamaal with Badshah and since then we can’t stop talking about the breathtaking beauty. 

Well how did it all happen, we ask.

Alina Rai who is originally from London,  England. Well I decided to take the decision to move to Mumbai last September to work on my first bollywood debut film Lucknow junction. After gaining a great fan following and support Alina rai has worked hard to create a name for herself. Today she is busy attending and receiving invitations for film premieres and celebrity parties to attend. Earlier this year Alina was spotted on the red carpet event for the da bang 3 premiere where she stunned in all black outfit.

Life wasn’t always about glamour as Alina rai talks about her journey and speaks about her experience. I come from a small town in England and coming into Bollywood seemed completely unreal. But I really do feel I have the best of two worlds now as I feel I have gained a new home in Mumbai.

We ask Alina Rai what has changed since becoming a Bollywood actress. Alina responds working as an actress is like any other job which requires a lot of hard work and challenges, for me there has been many challenges which I’ve worked extra hard to over come. I love what I do and I’m truly blessed to be able to do what I love. 

Well Alina rai is definitely one role model out there for young girls to follow their dreams no matter what they may be. 

Alina rai who has gained such a big fan following in a matter of months is a upcoming promising star of Bollywood and we can’t wait to see more of her beautiful presence on screen.

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