Musician and DJ Greg S famous beacause Of His Remarkable Music

As Zedd says that “A DJ can’t just play one song. It’s about playing a set, or how you connect songs in those two hours, and where you place them,” Greg S perfects the notion with his musical prowess.


Greg S, whose full-name is Greg Somlok is America’s rising DJ King who is taking over parties and clubs with his extraordinary music blend and transitions. Greg S is famous for bringing extra life and energy to any party that he becomes a part of.


With years of experience and a passion for his job, DJ Greg Somlok is undoubtedly the best in the business. His DJ mix is enjoyed by the crowd to the point that they start hurting in their legs because of dancing non-stop.


His music and audio combos are other-wordly. They not only resonate and make the crowd party harder but also never fail to disappoint the event organizers.


DJ Greg S made a name for himself by doing an event with rap artist Snoop Dog at Up & Down Venue. He has also travelled across the U.S doing events, attending parties, and clubbing with his fans.


Greg S started out in music and DJ space when his father died in 2013. It was to ease the pain of the loss and wander his mind away from it. However, Greg says that being a DJ was never on his cards. But now that he is one, he makes sure to have the best time of his life during each performance.


The best thing about being a DJ, in Greg’s opinion, is the freedom and mental de-stress that you enjoy every once in a while for 90-120 minutes. “I love every part of my job, being a DJ makes life fulfilling and is the best stress busting experience one can ever have.”


The musician/DJ has many big projects in the pipeline. One of them includes a dream performance at the famous Tomorrowland Avenue. 


He takes joy in connecting with his fans on his Instagram handle @itsgreg.s so make sure that you follow him there. He shares a lot of cool lifestyle and music related posts there. Greg S also shares info about his upcoming events with fans through his official Instagram account.


With all that Greg S has achieved in a short span of time, he proves that there are no shortcuts but only genuine passion, hard work, and belief can take you forward.


More than 8 million plants sold: the secret of the success of Ecoplant in Russia

Millions of plants have been sold and planted in dozens of Russian cities. Ecoplant trees adorn the residences of the President of the Russian Federation, the most luxurious cottage villages, and gorgeous city parks. Why do the largest brands trust Ecoplant?  

When the Ecoplant plant nursery was created more than twenty years ago, its mission was to create a quick and convenient service for purchasing high-quality plants from home. However, the whole venture turned out even better than one could imagine: Ecoplant has become more than just a service that helps land owners and landscape designers. Now, it is the largest plant nursery in Russia and a wholesale and retail timber supplier in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

The Ecoplant project team has managed to tackle a difficult problem: its clients have the company’s support throughout the entire cycle of land development. Thanks to low prices, post-payment conditions, a large assortment and prompt planting, the company has managed to save almost 10,000,000 rubles for its customers (landscape designers, construction companies, and tender committees).

During its operation, Ecoplant has won the “Garden and Vegetable Garden” contests, the “Green World” landscape festival, and got the winning cup for its ornamental crops in a contest among the plant nurseries. The company itself believes that its most important achievement is the high quality of their work. All plants are adapted to the harsh Russian climate, and the company provides a warranty for all its work for up to three years.

Ecoplant’s regular customers are major brands such as Yandex, Megafon, Gazprom, Azbuka Vkusa, as well as Moscow State University and the Moscow Government. The team employs professionals who can make the most daring landscape projects a reality. However, the secret of the nursery’s success is simply the team’s passion for their work.

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DefiBaby: A Decentralized Education Token

A few days before launch, DefiBaby is looking to cement itself within the crypto space as a top decentralized token. DefiBaby is a deflationary token within the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) looking to educate new and current investors who are fairly new to the crypto world. In order to establish itself as a digital asset, DefiBaby will be bringing three elements that will make its mark as a legit defi coin.

The three elements are education, passive income, and earnings. By educating the community of coins within the BSC network, the sense of security will help establish a trusting connection with new and prospective investors within decentralized finance space. As important as education within this system is, being able to reward investors with passive income will be another important element that DefiBaby will be able to assure its investors. Simply by holding a certain amount of DefiBaby tokens investors will be able to accumulate more tokens within a

deflationary model that is used to lower the supply but this will cause an increase to investors currency which is beneficial. A 2% tax transaction will help create stability and also be good for the longevity of this project. The final element is earnings, this way investors can help by participating in contests, giveaways, or by helping contribute to the community within various activities which will help investors earn more DefiBaby tokens or be rewarded in other prizes which will insure a healthy and active community.

Before the launch, DefiBaby will be deploying a rebate program which can help benefit users who are looking to participate in the presale and or purchase DefiBaby tokens after launch. The incentive with this is it will help create a bridge between the team itself and new investors who are looking pounce on the great distribution that the rebate program will create, since 10% of the supply will be redirected to those participating in the rebate program, this can be a great opportunity to not only earn more income in DefiBaby tokens but also beneficial to those holding some of their tokens for a bigger and better reward.

In a space where the current cryptomarket is in a slump, DefiBaby can be used to further educate those who are willing to test the waters within the space by investing in a token with some of the most unique and innovative tokenomics to date.


8% to Liquidity

2% BurnBack

1% to marketing

2% reflection


Breaking News about Ajkune Ahmetaj the First Hairdresser of Swiss Albanian Celebrities

When Ajkune Ahmetaj opened her saloon in Switzerland than because of her knowledge withinside the subject she quick rose to reputation as an expert Albanian hairdresser. In the 12 months 2017, she introduced that she had finished hairdressing schooling with famous well-known hairdresser Mounir. The blonde began out operating with well-known celebrities, singers which encompass Elvana Gjata, kida, Tyna, and Dafina zeqiri. She will become well-known because of her knowledge in dyeing, haircut, and facial products. Due to Ajkune Ahmetaj’s enjoyable work, she stimulated many singers and stars and that they began out heading toward her saloon to get their best work. Ajkune Ahmetaj collaboration with a few celebs and musicians made it on the pinnacle of its hairdressing enterprise. The blonde hairdresser Ajkune additionally labored with celebrities who’re widely known some of the audience. She additionally began out her master classes to construct and, offer hairdressing, dyeing saloon control abilities for passionate humans with the passage of time the enterprise of Ajkune Ahmetaj has grown, and now its miles a large enterprise named Ajkune Professional GmbH. Ajkune’s master class training team helps its students to polish their features and learn according to their hobbies and enables them to provide their valuable services to the people once they become experts. In addition, the coffers offer Ahmetaj and invite them after completing their training, so that they can learn the techniques and work with their team of professionals and experts.

Ahmetaj’s professional career

Known as the primary and solely Albanian craftsman who was able to develop her signature hair coloring, hair extensions, lipstick, and shampoo products, Ahmetaj has scaled up services, particularly as a lot of individuals believe their salons as a comforting supply of self-care. Ahmetaj was born in Kosovo and moved to Switzerland years later. She began operating as a hairdresser whereas attending a three-year skilled course on hairdressing. Once finishing the course, Ahmetaj opened her first salon in Switzerland. Ahmetaj quickly rose to fame united of the known Swiss-Albanian hairdressers. Stylists Ajkune offers individuals the chance to end master class training, permitting them to be told the techniques of Ombres,

Bayalage, and Meches. Ajkune styler has created social media buzzing in recent years with celebrities and singers availing of the highest hairdresser’s services.

As an expert, she describes her profession

Ajkune define that a stylist is somebody who makes a specialty of cutting, coloring, and styling hair so as to boost or maintain a person’ appearance. Hairdressers also are spoken as hairstylists. Hairdressing could be a good and well-established career that’s enticing to several due to its high demand and adaptability of operations. A hairdresser will work as a worker of a salon or as a freelance contractor.

Hairdressers, stylists & cosmetologists are an integral a part of the style and wonder business and are accountable for grooming, cutting, and styling hair. By employing a kind of techniques and tools, they supply customers with the specified color, style, and form that they fancy for his or her hair. They’re specialists in their ability to handle hair and have a broad understanding of what product are applicable for {various} varieties of hair. They use various instrumentality and tools like scissors, curlers, straightening irons, blow-dryers, and hairdryers to present their purchasers fashionable hairstyles and make the impact that they desire. The client’ comfort and satisfaction throughout their haircut are equally as necessary because the finish result. Therefore, hairdressers also are expected to take care of cleanliness and sanitize all their work instruments.

Hairdressing and styling could be a field dominated by both, men and women. A number of hairdressers and cosmetologists also specialize in areas cherish Afro-Caribbean hairstyling or wig fitting. Job duties may additionally embody shampooing, conditioning, combing, perming, shaving, and waxing hair if required. In addition, several cosmetologists supply skin and nail treatments such as scalp treatments, manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages to their purchasers and provides them recommendation on a way to look after their hair.