British Airways flight crosses Atlantic in record time, a new speed mark

  • 10-February-2020

A British Airways flight has set a new speed mark for a commercial traveler plane intersection the Atlantic.

The flight landed early Sunday morning at Heathrow Airport in London after leaving John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York only four hours and 56 minutes sooner.

British Airways affirmed the flight time for the Boeing 747 plane, saying the organization prioritizes safety over speed.

That set a new speed record for subsonic — or slower than the speed of sound — commercial airplanes, as per Flightradar24, which tracks global flights.

The record was held by a Norwegian Air flight, which flew between the two urban communities with a flight time of five hours and 13 minutes.

The flight had been relied upon to take 102 minutes longer.

The recent average flight time between New York and London is 6 hours and 13 minutes, as indicated by Flightradar24.

The wind and air currents were viewed as perfect for a quick flight.

The supersonic Concorde flights used to fly over the Atlantic in a little more than three hours, however, quit flying in 2003.

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