Obtaining ISO approval by Mrs. Shahameh Dizaei's company

Mrs. Dizaei's security company, after many successes in the field of security, was able to receive all ISO approvals and raise her business to the highest possible ranks.

  • Business
  • 12-February-2023

Ram reveals the electric pickup's name

Ram hopes that its first electric pickup will rev up truck buyers. The official name of the production version of the Ram Revolution concept truck that was shown off at CES last month was announced by Ram on Thursday at the Chicago Auto Show.

  • Business
  • 11-February-2023

According to Ali dizaei, how can you seize opportunities in an innovative way?

Dr. Ali Dizaei joined the British Metropolitan Police in 1986. Prior to that, he studied law in London and trained as a barrister.

  • Business
  • 07-February-2023

Dario Bonanno classy business man thanks to secret “Blue Ocean” e-commerce

Dario Bonanno, originally from Turin and currently living in Lisbon, a young man who owns a huge business which he started in 2016.

  • Business
  • 31-January-2023

Sam's Club will open more than 30 new clubs across the United States

Sam's Club, which is owned by Walmart, claims that it is expanding its physical presence following "historic comparable sales growth" and a "record rise" in memberships over the past two years.

  • Business
  • 27-January-2023

Nokia and Samsung sign a five-year agreement for 5G patents

Nokia and Samsung have entered into a multi-year agreement for a 5G patent. Samsung is the world's largest smartphone manufacturer. The South Korean company will incorporate Nokia's fundamental inventions in 5G and other technologies into its smartphones and other mobile devices as part of this long-term agreement.

  • Business
  • 25-January-2023

Wayfair and Google join tech companies in announcing significant layoffs

In the past seven days, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Wayfair, based in Boston, all made significant staff reductions. This month alone, it has led to tens of thousands of layoffs.

  • Business
  • 21-January-2023

Oil fluctuated in tandem with weak China economic data, sustaining 2023 hopes

After China posted its weakest economic growth in nearly half a century on Tuesday, oil prices were mixed. However, the country's U-turn in its COVID policy in late-2022 supported hopes of a recovery in fuel demand this year.

  • Business
  • 17-January-2023

Sony and Honda will introduce their brand-new electric vehicle, the Afeela in 2026

Sony has joined the EV conversation. With the announcement of a new electric vehicle brand called Afeela at CES in Las Vegas, the consumer electronics giant made its EV ambitions clear after a number of interesting electric vehicle prototypes over the past few years.

  • Business
  • 05-January-2023

The annual inflation rate in Germany is the highest in over 70 years

According to preliminary data that were made available on Tuesday by the Federal Statistical Office of the nation, Germany has experienced the highest level of annual inflation in more than 70 years.

  • Business
  • 04-January-2023