Iranian singer and composer youna Ahmadi talks about violin

Some time ago, youna explained in one of her interviews about the violin, that the violin was very valuable to her in terms of structure and position. When we asked her this story, she replied, "The violin is my ancestral instrument." "My grandfa ...

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  • 09-June-2021

Why is Purpprxmi the latest trending artist?

After Purpprxmi and videographer Levi Desantis perfectly crafted their collaboration "Intimate" on the upcoming artists Fighting Demons album, the duo has released an official music video.

While this track exudes the ideal combination o ...

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  • 03-June-2021

Greg Moneyman Jones – A talented personality in the Music industry

Making smart goals is a highly new idea. There is a list of smart goals listed as a tool to produce criteria to help improve the chances of succeeding in accomplishing a goal. Everyone can accomplish goals with the help of determination and commi ...

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  • 21-May-2021

Upcoming artist Popoffke is revitalising the rap industry with latest song “No Love”

In this world, we may come across many people who only run after fame or wealth. However, there are a select few who want nothing more than to inspire and influence the world. Popoffke is one such person who wishes to be a positive influence for ...

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  • 17-May-2021