Connester Mobile App – A viable job searching solution

Connester Mobile App – A viable job searching solution

When it comes to our career, we expect the best. However, sometimes even and after we are competent, we don’t get the job that we deserve. A lot of job-hunting campaigns are in action committing your dream job and eventually fails. Connester Mobile App, on the other hand, is a viable solution as it doesn’t commit you a job; instead, it focuses on feeding tons of options to you. You can choose the best feasible option and apply for the job.

Now, let us presume you are an Employer looking for a specific job role. Connester is ideally suited to you as you can look through tons of Candidate profiles and figure out the best for you. Moreover, you can contact him directly via the app, eventually speeds up the recruitment process.

Before we explore the features that make it stand out from the rest, first, let us know a bit about the parent company – Connester. Founded by an experienced human resource expert, Mr. Subeesh Bose, the company has invested plenty of expertise in the betterment of creating the perfect job search engine. The company headquarters is in Angamoozhy, which is in the state of Kerala. As the app is packed with some noteworthy features and benefits for both the Employers and Candidates, it is time we take a look.

One of the compelling features of the Connester mobile app is that it is meant for both Employers and Candidates. As an Employer, you can find a suitable Candidate and approach them accordingly, while, after creating a portfolio, you can search for the best suitable job as a Candidate.

For the Candidates, there is a dedicated Search Filter in the app to opt-in or opt-out fitting attributes. In this way, you can filter out the ideal job openings to apply. If in case you are an Employer, there is the Advanced Search option to scrutinize the profiles of the Candidates. Based on that, you can contact them after that.

There is several critical information about a proposed job that, if we get, makes it easier to determine whether we should apply for the job or not. For instance, salary packages, minimum education qualification required, minimum experience required, company profile, employee reviews, and many more. Now, on the off chance, you are an Employer, you will need the polar opposite information about the Candidates. For instance, last drawn salary, currently expected salary, total experience, education qualification, and many more.

We all know that sharing is caring! Meanwhile, we are talking about sharing Job Circulars on social media sites. Connester mobile app offers easy sharing options for sharing any particular job. In this way, you can quickly express your viewpoint on a job to make others aware of the positive or the negative sides of that specific job.

Subeesh Bose (Founder and CEO of Connester)

It is obvious that at some point, we have to discuss the User Interface of the Connester mobile app. To begin with, the UI of Connester is top-notch according to the verdict of hundreds of users. What interesting is their take on the user-friendly aspect. It is safe to say that the navigation is seamless, and the users find it much easier to access the app.

If you are an Employer, you have the option to choose the suitable Candidate. But what’s interesting is that you can contact that person by directly sending him texts using the Connester app. What is does it significantly speeds up the entire recruitment process. Now, the contact option is exciting for the Candidates as well. You are one, after shortlisting the companies, you can directly contact them. If they find your profile intriguing, they will contact you.

When we, as a Candidate, upload our resume on any job platform, we expect to get some job notifications about the local job. While most of the job portals fail to do that, Connester’s ultra-active service detects all the local jobs first. It is the first priority of the app. It also observes the social networks closely to detect any suitable jobs for you. If you become a Verified User, more additional features will open up for you.

The setup procedure of the app is pretty straightforward. Whether you are a Candidate or an Employer, you need a working email and phone number to open an account with Connester. Then if you are a Candidate, fill up the inputs to create a stunning portfolio. You also need to upload your CV in PDF format. Now, the same sort of process applies if you are an Employer. Fill up the inputs of the job role you want to hire. Please note that in case of any query or doubt, you can always take help by using the Live Chat option enable in the app.

Connester mobile app is only available in the Android operating system. So, if you own an Android smartphone, head over to Google Playstore to grab it.

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