Corey Curtis Makes An Impact In The SMP Industry With Scalpa

  • 28-April-2021

Everyone possesses an innate desire to support an initiative that offers solutions to pressing problems. For some, they want to end famine, for others, it’s ending water scarcity, or eradicating poverty. But for Corey Curtis, he wanted to make an impact in the Scalp Micropigmentation industry. 

Before Corey Curtis found Scalpa, he worked as a civilian contractor with an Aerospace Plant. Even though he loved what he did, he knew that he had a desire to become more independent and work in a field that allowed him to express his creativity and build more personal connections. 

Starting Out:

Corey Curtis knew he wanted to work in a field that allowed him to express his creativity and personal connections. To achieve this, he sought out Scalpa, an aesthetics company fully dedicated to providing all you need from proper training, quality products, community outlets, marketing assets, to team support. 

But that was not the sole reason Corey sought out Scalpa. According to him, “I was the guy who always wore a hat. I was embarrassed about my hair loss. I knew I wanted to do something about it which is why I started to research alternatives and look into treatments.”

And after finding Scalpa, he found the solution he always wanted. In his words, “Entering the world of Scalpa is one of the most amazing choices I have made in my life. I would advise anyone to come on board that wants to have a career they love, attentive instructors, great products,  freedom to choose the work level that is right for you, and the opportunity to create a community of clients and staff that are as excited about what you do as you are.”

Experience With Scalpa:

According to Corey Curtis, his experience with Scalpa was “Less like work and more like bonding over a great product!”

Corey met Bryce Cleveland, the founder of Scalpa through his training and they still keep in touch today, sharing tips and offering support. In Corey’s words, “the Scalpa staff has become my go-to resource for questions and feedback. They deserve so much credit for my, and everyone’s, successes.” 

Making an Impact:

After receiving treatment for his hair loss and seeing life-changing results, Corey knew he had to share this with others that felt the way he had. Corey knew it was time to make an impact in people’s lives and he pursued the passion relentlessly. 

According to him, “this was the perfect place for me to not only reach for my pinnacle but also bring others along with me. Seeing a client look in the mirror and have that glow, that confidence, that they were lacking…. It is priceless.”

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