Creating an inspirational journey for himself as a network marketer and Digital Entrepreneur is Daniel Oche Onoja

  • 30-December-2020

Achieving staggering feats in the industry has now become Daniel's habit as he looks out to achieve much more as a financial coach as well.

One of the most thrilling industries in today's day and age is the growing network marketing business that requires highly enthusiastic and passionate individuals to make optimum use of the opportunities the industry can provide them with.

Not all have been successful in the industry as many of them get demotivated and lost hope in the middle of the process and couldn't reach their goals, especially when it dealt with digital financial products that so many still lack knowledge about.

However, we know of an African digital entrepreneur named Daniel Oche Onoja, who went on to become a success story as a network marketer and the first Nigerian diamond rank holder at Omegapro, a giant financial technology firm, renowned across the world with its cryptocurrency and forex trading services.

All his life, this youngster felt an unusual affinity for computer technology and the internet. One of his classmates and friends introduced him to forex trading, which is a decentralized currency exchange business, at the age of 16. Seeing the potential of the field, Daniel had made it his aim to do something related to it in his career. In the same year, he also learnt about network marketing. Soon after completing his secondary Education, Daniel joined Wimax Institute of Computer Technology and learned everything about the subject and the internet. The vocational training he received at the institute helped him venture into software vendoring, web application, software installation and maintenance and computer hardware repairs. He worked in these areas until he got enrolled in the University of Abuja in 2009.

His growing knowledge in financial technology gave Daniel the motivation to explore many other opportunities in the industry. Five years ago, Daniel realized that greater opportunities were awaiting him in the digital space as there was an evident rise in the distribution of digital financial products via network marketing. Daniel believed he could make his career through network marketing and to give more edge to his skills in the same and leadership as well; he joined the GLE Team. Daniel soon became an active leader under his mentor Paulo Tuynman. Paulo later recommended Daniel to join Omegapro, where Daniel currently works.

Daniel's constant efforts in reaching his goals in his career and his passion for digital financial products through network marketing have led him to turn into a financial and success coach today, who has been sharing the Omegapro opportunity to a team strength of over 20,000 happy members across the world each passing day.

His commitment to ace the field like a pro makes Daniel stand out from the rest in the industry.

You can Follow him on Instagram @danielonoja1 and Know more about him at

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