Custom Enamel Pins: the Campaign's Secret Weapon

  • 08-November-2020

As the Presidential election of 2020 winds down and the public and pundits, alike, peruse the rubble of the political climate, campaign spending will be gone over with a fine tooth comb. It’s obvious that pollsters missed their marks and advertisements in the hundreds of millions of dollars were misspent. Where do we go from here? With President Trump being ushered out of office early next year mean the good ole days of campaigning are back? It was surely Trump that threw the wrench in the works of the traditional style of running a Presidential. One thing for sure is how enamel pins played their role in being a surefire investment for either party.

These tiny metal trinkets might be overlooked to the uninitiated but when you see the efficiency and power they have in making an idea concrete and a candidate unforgettable you will surely consider it for your next electoral budget. Custom enamel pins find their value in their versatility. The name says it all, the customizability of the pins allows any message, any color scheme, any logo to be emblazoned for all to see. You might ask, what’s the difference between these things and a campaign button. That’s a great question and the answer is the close relationship pins have with jewelry.

A hundred years ago brooches were all the rage and remained in style for decades to come. Worn on the lapel or collar or hat, a brooch was ornate, embellished and made of rare metals. Now-a-days, the enamel pin has taken over the role in adorning our apparel and they do it in a smaller size but in a classier way. When a person is presented with a pin, they’d be hard pressed to ditch it in the nearest trash can like they might with a lanyard or button. It’s because of their perceived value. So be assured that when you think of your next promotional product or giveaway, that enamel pins will get you a bang for your buck that can’t be reproduced.

The next Presidential election might be four years away but between now and then there are all sorts of smaller scale elections. Think your local commissioners, sheriffs and police chiefs, judges, district attorneys, Representatives, Senators and Governors. Every level of government can benefit from the effectiveness of custom enamel pins. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to separate yourselves from your opponents before they catch wind of this brand new idea.

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