DefiBaby: A Decentralized Education Token

  • 11-July-2021

A few days before launch, DefiBaby is looking to cement itself within the crypto space as a top decentralized token. DefiBaby is a deflationary token within the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) looking to educate new and current investors who are fairly new to the crypto world. In order to establish itself as a digital asset, DefiBaby will be bringing three elements that will make its mark as a legit defi coin.

The three elements are education, passive income, and earnings. By educating the community of coins within the BSC network, the sense of security will help establish a trusting connection with new and prospective investors within decentralized finance space. As important as education within this system is, being able to reward investors with passive income will be another important element that DefiBaby will be able to assure its investors. Simply by holding a certain amount of DefiBaby tokens investors will be able to accumulate more tokens within a

deflationary model that is used to lower the supply but this will cause an increase to investors currency which is beneficial. A 2% tax transaction will help create stability and also be good for the longevity of this project. The final element is earnings, this way investors can help by participating in contests, giveaways, or by helping contribute to the community within various activities which will help investors earn more DefiBaby tokens or be rewarded in other prizes which will insure a healthy and active community.

Before the launch, DefiBaby will be deploying a rebate program which can help benefit users who are looking to participate in the presale and or purchase DefiBaby tokens after launch. The incentive with this is it will help create a bridge between the team itself and new investors who are looking pounce on the great distribution that the rebate program will create, since 10% of the supply will be redirected to those participating in the rebate program, this can be a great opportunity to not only earn more income in DefiBaby tokens but also beneficial to those holding some of their tokens for a bigger and better reward.

In a space where the current cryptomarket is in a slump, DefiBaby can be used to further educate those who are willing to test the waters within the space by investing in a token with some of the most unique and innovative tokenomics to date.


8% to Liquidity

2% BurnBack

1% to marketing

2% reflection

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