Pixel Fold from Google is heavier than the Galaxy Fold 4, but its battery is larger

  • 21-February-2023

Google appears to be getting closer to releasing its first foldable sometime this year, after going through several iterations. The Pixel Fold will be quite heavy, but it will have the largest battery that has ever been in a foldable device.

Size and weight of the Pixel Fold

Renders have shown how Google's Pixel Fold will most closely resemble the Oppo Find N2, and its precise dimensions have already been leaked. The Pixel will be 7 millimeters (.25 inches) wider than the other foldable, measuring just under 80 millimeters (3.14 inches). As a comparison,

Pixel 7 Pro is 76.6mm wide (3 inches)
Fold 4 is 155.1mm (6.1 inches) tall and 67.1mm (2.64 inches) wide when folded
Another close approximation is the Surface Duo, which is 5mm (.2 inches) taller and 13.3mm (.52 inches) wider than the Pixel Fold

Microsoft's foldable can be used with one hand, but Google's decision to make it smaller will definitely make it easier to use one hand. However, when folded, it won't be as easy to hold as the Galaxy Fold 4.

The internal display that makes it simple for apps to use a large-screen optimized UI in a landscape rectangle rather than Samsung's near-square is the main advantage of going wide. The Pixel Fold's expected aspect ratio follows Google's existing work on large-screen optimization, which is primarily targeted at tablets. When multitasking, it can also fit two apps side by side comfortably, and the larger size ensures that tablet interfaces won't feel crowded, unlike Oppo's Find N2.

The Pixel Fold weighs more than the 263g Z Fold 4, while the Oppo Find N weighs 237g and the original Surface Duo weighs 250g. In fact, considering its weight, it is comparable to a small tablet and significantly heavier than the Pixel 7 Pro, which is already quite substantial.

Google Pixel Fold battery

The Pixel Fold has a significantly larger battery than its rivals, especially the Z Fold 4, which has a typical capacity of 4,400 mAh and the Oppo Find N2, which has a typical capacity of 4,520 mAh. 9to5Google has learned that the battery will be smaller than 5,000 mAh, but still close.

The thin designs required to make foldables practical frequently necessitate battery capacity compromises, so battery life on these devices has been inconsistent up to this point. With Google holding back nothing battery, it very well may be a point which separates the gadget from other "book" foldables. However, due to the differences in efficiency between Google Tensor G2 and other brands' Snapdragon chips, this advantage may be irrelevant.

There are a number of foldables on the market, but no one has found the best form factor. The Google apps that people use may ultimately be the Pixel Fold's greatest competitive advantage. Android will be more closely optimized for this hardware than any other operating system.

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