US, Mexico agreed to a deal to facilitate Venezuela's migration

  • 13-October-2022

The US and Mexico have agreed to a plan that permits a few Venezuelan migrants to enter the US - yet the individuals who show up illegally will be sent back to Mexico.

It is trusted the deal will ease tension at the US-Mexico border, where a consistent progression of Venezuelans keep on showing up as they flee the crisis-hit country.

Beginning right away, flights will be set up for 24,000 migrants to show up in the US.

Around 6,000,000 individuals have left Venezuela in the past five years.

The departure is one of the biggest migrations in the world, fuelled by violence, food, fuel and medicine deficiencies, and repression by the government of President Nicolás Maduro.

It has seen individuals frantic to further develop their lives walking huge number of miles along risky routes to attempt to arrive at the US-Mexico border, where they then, at that point, attempt to enter illegally or claim asylum.

Under the new deal, which is taking effect right now, the 24,000 eligible Venezuelan migrants - a tiny fraction of the people who have escaped - will be permitted to access the US via air, and remain for as long as two years.

They should in any case be in Venezuela, and not have made the trek to the US-Mexico border, the US Department of Homeland Security said in a statement.

They will likewise have to have an individual or association situated in the US to offer financial support and back up their claim to be part of the program.

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