Does paying taxes give you stress? Not anymore. Meet Eddy Aladin, who can simplify your tax related work through his app Tax Aladin.

  • 06-November-2020

This 11 years experienced tax consultant from the United States has changed the way citizens file tax, through his innovative app.

Eddy Aladin, has gained expertise in fields of taxation, finance, and law. The App Tax Aladin simplifies the hectic process of filing Tax. With the world going digital Eddy transformed the process of book-keeping by developing a digital app which is 100% accurate. Not only this, but all tax applications through this app are being prepared by a team of expert tax preparers. These tax preparers guarantee your maximum refund. Eddy has brought together experience and technology and has successfully mastered the art of preparing tax returns for his clients.

Eddy was inclined towards accounting since his childhood and finds peace in mastering accounts and taxation for his clients. Not only taxation but he has also done profound learning on subjects like banking, patent and trademark, foreign investments, and law. With his dedication and determination, he founded companies like IslandMundo, Door Tax, and Tax Aladin. He keeps developing software programs to keep updated with the ever-changing dynamic financial world.

With his excellent knowledge and fantastic communication skills, he has developed relations with local IRS agents which help him do the negotiation on behalf of his clients. Tax Aladin allows customers to file their tax returns on the go. They do not charge their clients upfront and are always available to answer queries through their online chat portal.

All you need to do is just download the app and upload the required documents. Get assured results from Tax Aladin’s expert team. One need not worry, as a lot of time and efforts are saved due to the convenience and ease of this app. In case of any query, they can be contacted anytime.

Seeing an increase in the population of working taxpayers who have very little time for filing their returns, Eddy encashed this opportunity and went digital and transformed the way tax filings are done. He has mastered the art of tax returns and is now a known name in the field of taxation and accounting with his app Tax Aladin gaining popularity with time.

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