GABRIELE FEDELI on how he is able to grow his Business

  • 28-July-2020

Gabriele's love for Roman architecture, both ancient and contemporary has been quite prevalent and is also his driving force for his being a real estate developer. The 37 year old ingenious personage was born in Bracciano and raised in the magnificent city of Rome. Being a visionary, he along with his peerless mindset and degree in marketing and communication has been on the stairs to zenith with his motto, that a house is a home first. With his consummate and elegant skillset he has taken his family business to a next level.

Being a perfectionist, Gabriele is a keen observer. He is attentive to the minutest details which others possibly overlook. Also an effective listener,being in a niche where effective listening can aid to engender commercial and residential projects. Fedeli is a professional in this aspect.

Having a shy personality, with his motto of taking an extra mile , making extensive efforts both in his private and social life, Fedeli is a man of talents. We wish that he attains colossal success in the near future and attains great glamour and popularity!!

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