Hamid Nematiyan, President of the Nature Sports Association, said about public sports and its benefits

  • 30-May-2022

Exercise is not just about the ability to do aerobic exercise and muscle size. Sure, exercise can improve your physical health, adjust your waistline, improve your sex life, and even extend your lifespan by several years. But for most people, this is not something that motivates them enough to exercise. Consulting a psychiatrist or psychologist can also be a great help to your mental health. People who exercise regularly do so because of the sense of well-being it gives them. They feel more energetic during the day, sleep better at night, have clearer and more accurate memories, and feel more relaxed and optimistic about themselves and their lives. And it is a powerful remedy for many common mental health problems. Regular exercise can have a very positive effect on depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and more. It also relieves stress, improves memory, helps you sleep better and boosts your overall mood. You do not need to be a big fan of fitness pills to be able to enjoy the benefits of exercise. Research shows that moderate amounts of exercise can also make a difference. Regardless of your age or fitness level, you can learn to use exercise as a powerful tool to feel better Hamid Nematiyan

  1. Biography:
A sport Master, Coach, Karate Champion and one of the first TRX Instructors in Iran. Born in July 19th, 1982. Tehran, Iran ......... Hamid Nematiyan started Sport in soccer playgrounds by playing football & continued in Karate at the age of 7. His love of sport made him to sport professionally in Self-Defense, Impact Wrestling, Full kick-boxing, Body building, physical readiness & TRX. He is an official Trainer with coaching Certifications & is currently one of the most active and successful sport managers in "Sport for All Federation" of Islamic Republic of IRAN. .........
  1. Nickname:
TRX Godfather iranian Hamid Nematiyan .........
  1. Sports & Champion Experiences:
- Third place in the world Championship 2007 - Champion of Asian Individual competitions 2008 - Champion of Asian team competition  2007 ‌- -  2017 Shitorio Shokokai Black belt Dan 6 karate   - Black belt DAN 6 Style  Wadō-ryū 2018 - Black belt DAN 2 Full Kickboxing - Coaching Certification Level 1 from Karate Federation 2011 - Coaching Certification Level 3 from Iran Bodybuilding Federation 2013 - Coaching Certification Level 3 in Physical Fitness 2007 - Instructor in Coaching TRX courses in Public Sports Federation - Holder of Various Positions & Sport Titles in Provincial, National, League and International Competitions in Different Styles of Karate 1995-2008 .........
  1. Executive positions:
- Head of Iran Association of Sport in Nature 2019-present - Tehran Chairman of TRX Suspension Exercises Committee 2015-present - Commercial Manager of Sport Organization 2017-2020 - Vice-President and X-Secretary of TRX Suspension Exercises Committee 2018 - Chairman of Technical Committee of Municipality Sports Facilities 2009 - Director of Leisure and Entertainment of Sport Organization 2015-2017 .........
  1. Awards:
Receiving Green Brand Statue from the International Green Brand Conference Hamid Nematiyan was awarded by International Green Brand Conference for his unbranched sport activities on Environment & Nature protection issues in 2020. .........
  1. Ideation & Implementations of sport plans for Environmental Protection by Hamid Nematiyan:
- Ideation and implementation of (Nazr-E-Varzeshi Quest) Plogging for 718 Km in the country with the approach of cleaning natural pastures - Ideation and Innovative implementation of Green Move Festival in the country in order to Produce Sports Equipment based on Disposable and Slow Decomposition Equipment that harms nature. - Implementation of Pahlavan Talab (Wetland Champion Campaign)- A Sports project in order to support the country's wetlands .........
  1. Book:
- Basic Requirements at Sport Organizations 2020 - Sport in Nature 2020 - The impact of environment and nature on Human Body 2019 - Providing quality service on customer satisfaction of sports complexes 2014

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