Here’s How Ayoub Marchich Is Paving The Way For Artists Through Digital Marketing Tools

Here’s How Ayoub Marchich Is Paving The Way For Artists Through Digital Marketing Tools

In recent times, marketing has become more digital than ever before. Through the use of technology and social media, advertising brands and businesses are now seamless and leading to a wider audience reach worldwide. Unfortunately, many marketers are still stuck with the traditional methods of advertisement, leaving the digital marketing scene for creative and modern minds.

Ayoub Marchich is one of the creative marketers who has adopted the best digital marketing tools for advertisement. The budding entrepreneur has picked a niche of branding upcoming artists, social media influencers, and others who look to grow in the entertainment industry. Ayoub is the CEO of Agency, AlloMyStar project. 

For over six years, he has harnessed the powers of the internet through digital and online marketing. Ayoub realizes that the marketing industry will function better by utilizing digital marketing tools. This led him to establish one of Africa’s leading digital marketing agencies.

Ayoub Marchich’s digital marketing company has helped a lot of artists, singers, and social media influencers, by increasing their online presence massively as they look to grow in their entertainment careers. The young entrepreneur uses digital marketing adverts and social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Google ads, TikTok, and more, to reach a wide stream of audience. According to him, aspiring artists in the entertainment industry must put in a lot of sacrifices. 

“You need to put yourself out there. So my marketing agency sets the objective of helping young artists get to the right road and stay on track. I suggest the use of technology for this, particularly online marketing and adverts,” He says.   

Why Digital Marketing?

The marketing industry is considered the foundation of every brand and business because it helps create a platform for promotion and awareness. Ayoub Marchich has realized the significance of marketing to brands, especially the entertainment industry. This has led the budding entrepreneur to be invested in digital marketing. According to Ayoub, helping many artists and social media influencers reach their artistic goals through digital marketing is a significant achievement.  

My vision is to motivate many people as much as I can and give them the impact to start handling their careers and brands to become a successful business that people will look up to,” He revealed.    

 Undoubtedly, many brands and businesses will have solved half of their problems by just trending online. The amount of publicity and PR that comes with staying relevant on social media and having a massive online presence is very instrumental to the growth of any business. It is not farfetched that many entrepreneurs invest tremendous resources into digital marketing. 

Fortunately, the digital marketing sector has not reached its peak, and it’s still a growing sector for everyone to tap into. He shared:

In the next couple of years, I believe that marketing online will be a much better and faster way to achieve good results. So, all businesses and brands should be involved in online adverts and create a good presence online. This will help in partaking in a huge market and reaching a wider audience.”  


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