How to become a professional music arranger !? Ahmed Almuhandes guides you

How to become a professional music arranger !? Ahmed Almuhandes guides you

In short, to become a professional arranger, you must have mastered the theory and harmony of music. Know the chords well. Understand music spaces and have good taste. Surround yourself with different parts of the song and verse and partition. Know your style and be constantly learning and updating your information.

 Put yourself in the right environment

As we have said, the production of any music, composition and arrangement of songs originates primarily from our feelings. So consider yourself in a suitable environment and conditions that fit the theme of the song and the setting. Relax and record your mental inspirations in any way possible (writing, recording in software). Do not let your instantaneous creativity get in the way. Record them.

 Knowing the importance of music theory and harmony

For a professional music arranger, it is necessary to have complete mastery of music theory and harmony. Theory and harmony are the alphabet of music and you as an arranger should be aware of all its aspects.

 Perfect the melody you received

The arranger usually has to adjust the vocal melody received from the composer and melody maker. Throughout an arrangement, your goal as an arranger is to fill in the received melody and complete it. Use beautiful harmonies and chords with suitable melodies and produce suitable accompaniments for the sound.

 Analyze songs and settings of top tuners

Do not forget to analyze the top songs performed by professional music tuners. Always try to spend time on the day and week to analyze and implement, cover and copy settings. Each time, try to implement every detail you hear more and better. You will gradually master all the tricks of the trade.

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