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In the midst of continuous winter climate, VSP reacts to more than 250 accidents

In the midst of continuous winter climate, VSP reacts to more than 250 accidents

Virginia State Police has reacted to many crashes because of winter climate advancing across Virginia.

Between 12 a.m. furthermore, 2 p.m. on Sunday, troopers reacted to 252 car accidents and 231 handicapped or stuck vehicles.

Starting at 2 p.m., state police were on the location of 16 car accidents and eight crippled or stuck vehicles.

Most of accidents that occurred on Sunday have included just harm to vehicles.

Starting at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Virginia has reacted to the accompanying number of accidents in various areas across the Commonwealth:

  • Richmond Division: 44 Disabled Vehicles and 89 Traffic Crashes
  • Culpeper Division: 24 Disabled Vehicles and 24 Traffic Crashes
  • Appomattox Division: 37 Disabled Vehicles and 30 Traffic Crashes
  • Wytheville Division: 31 Disabled Vehicles and 13 Traffic Crashes
  • Chesapeake Division: 35 Disabled Vehicles and 43 Traffic Crashes
  • Salem Division: 42 Disabled Vehicles and 45 Traffic Crashes
  • Fairfax Division: 24 Disabled Vehicles and 16 Traffic Crashes

Virginians are as yet being encouraged to evade travel through Sunday evening and night because of proceeding with winter climate.

  • In the event that you should travel, VDOT and VSP encourage you to rehearse the accompanying wellbeing tips.
  • Ensure all windows and lights are away from snow prior to taking off.
  • Continuously lock in driver and all travelers.
  • Drive interruption free put down the telephone and espresso, and keep two hands on the haggle out and about.
  • Slow speed for conditions.
  • Use headlights to build your perceivability and to help different drivers see you better.
  • Offer the street dependably with VDOT vehicles and crisis vehicles.
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