• 03-September-2022

Recently, INSPUR Group Co.Ltd. won the public bidding of High-tech Hospital Information- based Procurement Project. INSPUR Group was founded in 1945 and is one of the earliest IT brands in China. It has been adhering to the concept of innovation. After several experiences in the important historical stages of the development of China's information industry, INSPUR Group has become a new generation of information technology leader by providing leading technologies, improving its competitive strength, comprehensively serves the digital transformation and high-quality development of the economy and society.   INSPUR regards quality as the lifeline and bottom line of the enterprise. It actively practices the management concept of high-quality development and total quality management.              It establishes and improves the product quality management process and system. The process and system  are based on the main products which rely on the server. It establishes the whole process system and process construction from research and development, procurement, manufacturing, quality inspection to final delivery, in order to supply the delivery of green, safe , high-quality products and services to customers.   In terms of organizational support, it is important that the chairman of the board of directors is the first person who is responsible for quality and safety. The quality and Safety management department which takes full charge of the construction, supervision, assessment, rewards and punishments of total quality management, is established. So INSPUR forms a three-level quality responsibility system involving senior management, quality management institutions and all personnel at levels.   At the same time, It builds a quality culture of "winning customer satisfaction with high-quality products and services and achieving collaborative innovation and high-quality development". Such as the servers in hardware products of INSPUR, INSPUR has established a full life cycle quality management system which is based on IPD to carry out end-to-end quality control in all fields and ensures the delivery of products and services that meet the requirements of all parties.   In order to improve the service quality and customer satisfaction, INSPUR has established a customer complaint hotline, improved the customer complaint channels and processes, tracked the quality of customer complaints. The closed-loop management mechanism not only can ensure that all product lines can implement , efficiently and quickly, but also can solve various problems that consumers are concerned about. After years of intensive quality and safety work, 16 main units of INSPUR Group have passed the $O9001 quality management system certification. With excellent product quality and high-quality and thoughtful customer service, INSPUR has been recognized by customers in the fields of finance, operators and the Internet for many times. Customer satisfaction has increased year by year.   The big data market in China has grown steadily in 2021. The big data about government has become a key link in government informatization construction in recent years. The application demand which is related to government data integration, the open sharing, people's livelihood services, social governance, and market supervision has continued to increase. The market growth rate has reached 34.5%, and the market scale is 54.57 billion yuan. From the perspective of manufacturer competition pattern, INSPUR Cloud continues to hold the number1 in terms of market position and development capability.  

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