Iranian singer and composer youna Ahmadi talks about violin

  • 09-June-2021

Some time ago, youna explained in one of her interviews about the violin, that the violin was very valuable to her in terms of structure and position. When we asked her this story, she replied, "The violin is my ancestral instrument." "My grandfather was a professional violinist, and that was undoubtedly one of the factors that led me to become a singer."

Jonah went on to explain about the violin:

You can see your progress by playing the violin by observing these items

Setting up a consistent daily routine can help you stay on track. Here are some exercise tips to help you plan a workout.

Exercise at a specific time each day. When you design a workout time, you are much less likely to make excuses or shrug off it.

Always have a pencil in your hand when you practice to mark your violin music sheet with useful tips and notes.

Use a sitting position that allows you to practice in the correct posture. Good posture is necessary not only to play better but also to prevent injuries.

These violin practice tips will help you to have effective and useful practice sessions in a limited time.

Do simple warm-up exercises before the session to get your elbows and ears ready to play.
Use a timer with a fixed multiplication. You can also use a timer to challenge yourself and play different musical steps.

Record your own voice at different times of practice. You never have to share them with anyone unless you want to. You can use them as a learning tool. By listening to what you have recorded, you will learn new things about your music and your problems will be fixed.

Carefully play the rosin (rosin or resin is a hard and brittle yellow dye that is applied to the violin bow). If you put summer rosin on the bow, the sound that is produced will be scratchy.

Try to train with coaches who agree with you to improve your progress.
Control techniques. These violin practice examples will help you focus on the most important aspect of playing.

Play slower steps to make your tone softer and more pleasant

Gain more bow control by switching between placing the bow on a single string and grabbing the bow on a double string at once is called double stop. If you have started learning how to change and play in the third place, go back to your beginner violin book and try to play simple melodies in the third place or higher.

And finally, I thank my grandfather for putting this instrument as a style in my subconscious mind, if the violin was not in our lives, maybe Jonah would not be a singer, who knows ?!

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