Isaac Bradley talks about his journey as an artist:

  • 13-July-2021

Isaac Bradley is a singer/actor who hails from the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California. He has recently been making waves in the entertainment circles for his latest film of which he is the executive producer. The film, by the name of BABYGIRL, tackles issues of human trafficking and sexual abuse through the viewpoint of an African American woman. Read on to know all about Isaac’s journey in life, lessons learned and how he maintains his calm amongst the storm.

Isaac Bradley is a famous personality who has also turned a producer recently apart from being a singer and actor. Being raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, he has sure seen his life change as currently he is living a luxurious life and has made it. His background and knowing where he started from always keeps him humble and grounded. He says, as soon as you get caught in the fame and forget about your goal, the downfall starts. He has enacted in independent films, TV and is also the founder of PL Phoenix Entertainment. He is naturally an introvert and likes to keep it low key even though he is a celebrity. But he also has an extrovert side to him which majorly comes out around people who he feels comfortable around. 

He enjoys his free time by reading books related to history, self-help and even is interested in watching documentaries. In addition to his hobbies, he ensures to practise meditation and prayer everyday day as a part of his spiritual practice as he knows the importance of being in a zen state. The only way you will not get provoked by the outer energy is when you are calm within yourself. If you have anger in you, the anger will reflect upon everyone.

Isaac knew he wanted to act and hence along with his college, he made sure to take up acting too. Although he was not able to complete his graduation, he made it up by studying acting for 3 years at Playhouse West Repertory Theatre in North Hollywood, CA.

He has a passion for music and is working hard to develop new art. His dream is to buy a property near the lakeside where he can just chill all day and make music. Now that sounds like a dream worth turning into reality.

There is a lot more we can expect from Isaac Bradley in the future. Make sure you follow him for updates regarding his new releases both as a musician and actor.


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