Launching in India, Boult's Smartwatch Straps Collection has a starting price of Rs 249.

  • 04-November-2023

Boult has declared its tradable lashes assortment, pointed toward giving its clients choices to redo their smartwatches. The watch lashes are accessible in different sizes and variety choices. The assortment involves nine lashes, which incorporate seven 22mm choices and two 44mm choices. The cost begins at Rs 249.

Boult's 22mm watch lashes will be viable with the organization's smartwatches like Crown R Genius, Crown R, Crown X, Authentic Expert, Meanderer Ultra, Wanderer Master, Meanderer, Drift+, Float, Float Ace, Jump Star, Dive+, Inestimable Striker, Striker+, Striker Ace, Wave, Wave Ace, and Meanderer Ultra. In the interim, the 44mm lashes will be all around viable with Boult Crown, and Boult Jump Evo smartwatches.

Boult 22mm watch ties: Cost in India and elements

The 22mm silver metal lash is valued at Rs 399. It highlights metal connections, which empowers a modified fit, and a single tick secure conclusion. The 22mm brown attractive silicone tie can be purchased at Rs 499 and is intended for those with a functioning way of life. Different elements incorporate attractive fenced in area and water obstruction.

The 22mm cowhide lash sports a calfskin get done with sewing. The tie can be connected with a squeeze and-slide signal. Another variation is the dark high-strength silicone lash, which is estimated at Rs 249. It is water-safe. The organization said in a public statement that the lash is skin-accommodating and can endure ordinary mileage while keeping up with its smooth look.

The 22mm tie will likewise be accessible in a dark attractive metal chain lash choice, which can be purchased at Rs 449. This tie includes a woven metal plan and an attractive clasp. It has a lightweight plan and has no covering fastens or clasps for a smooth plan.

Boult's 22mm white games silicone tie is valued at Rs 299 and it's made of Howdy Qual Silicon. Intended for clients with dynamic ways of life, the tie is water-safe and it highlights pressure shaped holes for added breathability.

At last, the 22mm dark cool silicone tie will be accessible at 249. This tie offers water opposition and adaptability. It includes a lively plan with slanting scores.

Boult 44mm Watch Lashes: Cost in India and Highlights

Boult has likewise sent off watch lashes in the 44mm variation. The Orange Wave silicone lash will be accessible for Rs 299. It includes a hyper-secure fit with a customizable metal clasp. The 44mm blue attractive clasp silicone lash, which as indicated by the organization is created for wearing exercises. It very well may be purchased at Rs 499. It is made of Hello there Qual Silicone and offers an attractive clasp. The tie sports a smooth rubberised finish and adaptability.

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