Lava Prowatch ZN: An Affordable Smartwatch

  • 10-June-2024

Currently making its foray into the smart accessory market is Lava, one of the few Indian smartphone companies that has survived to be relevant in this cutthroat industry. Lava Prowatch ZN and Lava Prowatch VN are the company's two new smartwatches. The goal is to gain traction in the inexpensive smartwatch market, which is presently dominated by companies like Boat and Noise. "Our in-depth analysis of the more "premium" alternative, the Prowatch ZN, which costs merely Rs 2,599, is provided here."


Crafted from a zinc alloy that maintains a compromise between lightweight and durability, the Lava Prowatch ZN features a circular dial design. Although it feels typical for this price range, the strap is comfy to wear. The watch's functionality and visual appeal are enhanced by the inclusion of a navigational crown. Overall, the watch stands out in the low-cost category thanks to its sleek and elegant appearance.


Featuring a 1.43-inch curved AMOLED always-on display with a refresh rate of 60Hz, the Prowatch ZN is very impressive. Crinkled Corning Gorilla Glass 3 shields the screen from scratches and other small impacts. Overall user experience is improved by the bright and brilliant screen, which allows for clear visibility even in broad sunshine.

Setting Up

The Lava Prowatch ZN is easy to set up. After turning on the watch, you must scan a barcode to download the free Lava app. Users may easily complete the initial setup procedure by quickly and easily pairing the watch with a smartphone.

Health Monitoring

Similar to other low-cost smartwatches, the Lava Prowatch ZN has health tracking capabilities such as blood oxygen levels, heart rate, steps, and sleep. For a variety of sports, including elliptical training, cycling, mountaineering, basketball, and more, it has more than 110 sports modes. The watch did a respectable job of tracking and logging vital signs during our use. Still, there's potential for enhancement in terms of precision and the inclusion of more activity modes to serve a wider user base.

Power Source

With a battery life of nearly three days on a single charge, the Prowatch ZN is impressive. It is a dependable companion for everyday use without regular charging, and users can further improve the battery life by turning off the always-on display (AOD).


For those looking for a smartwatch that is both inexpensive and packed with features, the Lava Prowatch ZN presents an intriguing package. It's a notable competitor in the budget category thanks to its high-end design, vivid display, and respectable health tracking features. Although there is room for development in terms of tracking precision and extending the selection of sports modes, the watch's functionality and longevity are excellent considering its price range.

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