Meet The Visionary And Ingenious Editor, Soundtrack Producer And YouTuber, Marvin Matyka

  • 06-November-2020

A film editor is someone who takes something great and raw and polishes it to make something inspiring and exceptional, and Marvin excels in this art.

Raised in Hamburg, Germany, Marvin Matyka is quite the Jack of all trades. He was always fascinated by movies, theatre and music. His ardour for art is what made Marvin pursue a career in film production and editing. He enrolled himself for vocational training to finesse dexterity. Marvin even started working for an aviation company to gain corporate experience and remain afloat financially. Along with this, Marvin also has a YouTube channel where he has amassed over 190k subscribers and over millions of views. With an interest for PR, communications, social media, television and media production what started out as a fun project has turned into a full fledged career.

The overwhelming and positive responses on his YouTube videos encouraged and inspired Marvin to continue and believe in himself. His channel mainly consists of edits of international films and series combined with amazing soundtracks. To expand his career, Marvin started tapping into other niches of the entertainment industry. He branched out and went into production and professional editing. Marvin recently edited and produced the soundtrack of the chart buster leading romantic movie of the year, Five Feet Apart starring the talented Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson. Marvin also has worked with the eminent record label, Universal Music which acquainted Marvin with several great contacts of artists and actors increasing his reach. This opened a gate of opportunities for him which only catered to the growth and flourishment of Marvin’s career. He gets prominent job offers from the media companies and institutions daily but Marvin believes in his venture and work. He wants the freedom to express himself through his art without the control of a superior power. The entertainment industry has always been an outlet to showcase creativity and ideas for many brilliant and successful artists including Marvin.

On the journey of making a difference, following his passion and redefining the industry, Marvin Matyka is eccentric and enjoying every moment of it. His future endeavours and big projects show promise and will surely flourish and have an impact on the industry.

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