Alessandro Marinella

Merging Modern Initiatives With Craftsmanship; An Alessandro Marinella Story.

  • 22-November-2021

Alessandro Marinella comes from a lineage of generational artisans who have built a reputable brand, E.Marinella, through bespoke tailoring excellence. Don Eugenio Marinella conceived the E.Marinella brand in 1914. Don Eugenio first launched the brand from a small shop in Naples, Italy.  Today, Don Eugenio’s dream has become a universal symbol of craftsmanship and bespoke tailoring excellence. E.Marinella is best known for producing unique handcrafted neckties. Ties that are now adorned by some of the most influential personalities in the world because it adequately represents excellence. Alessandro Marinella, the current head of E.Marinella, is responsible for upholding the brand’s excellence, and he has been living up to the expectation.  Under him, E.Marinella has reached new frontiers and adopted the latest fashion trends to provide the best bespoke fashion services. Over the years, the budding entrepreneur has prepared himself to take on the family business by undertaking the best educational experiences to prepare him for this course.  Alessandro Marinella had his early education at the Liceo Scientifico Mercalli in Chiaia and studied Business Administration at the University of Naples Federico II. Alessandro has also undergone advanced administrative courses and various management strategies in London, Barcelona, and Naples. The young entrepreneur will always say, “ Learning is something that never stops and improving yourself to be the best asset must be a continuous process”. This has been the driving force for Alessandro to consistently excel and create a path to excellence for him and the Marinella name. 

Merging Tech With Fashion

Alessandro Marinella understands the power that technology and innovation bring, and he has not hesitated to utilize his wealth of knowledge on it for advancing the E.Marinella brand. Among other things, he is also a versatile social media influencer. His Instagram has thousands of followers, and he constantly promotes his brand’s name and excellent achievement.  Alessandro is one of the first few entrepreneurs in the tailoring industry to adopt social media marketing and utilize social media as a strong tool in commerce. He recognizes the potential of social media by using it as a digital window to promote E.Marinella and its prowess.  Recently, Alessandro unveiled and promoted the new A\I ‘21 collection and the Top 100 Managers Forbes award, respectively, for E.Marinella. Every time, he embraces the Neapolitan history, culture, and excellence on his social media pages because he believes the world needs to partake of it, which is why he is bringing E.Marinella closer to them.  In all, Alessandro Marinella is the true epitome of dedication, hard work, innovation, and family values. As a leader of a brand that is rich in historical excellence, he has not failed to push E.Marinella to every corner of the world through the power of technology.

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