Novozymes OneHealth debuts at FIC with two new products

  • 19-August-2022

From August 16 to 18, the 25th China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition (FIC) was held in Area A of the Canton Fair Complex. As the most authoritative and influential international food additives and ingredients exhibition in Asia, FIC publishes the views on the future development of the industry and the industry's trend products every year. Representing outstanding companies in the industry, Novozymes OneHealth was invited to participate in the event and debuted the live version of Pylopass™Pro (Lactobacillus reuteri DSM17648) and the breath-freshening product BioFresh™4+. The launch of the two products will not only promote OneHealth's great progress in overall health, but also mark the upgrade of a personal care line tailored to the Chinese market that is closer to consumer demand scenarios. Pylopass™Pro, a live version of the powerful "stomach force". On the exhibition floor, Mr. Cheng Xian, General Manager of OneHealth China, gave an overview of OneHealth's business, and then Mr. Chen Kun introduced the new Pylopass™Pro live bacterial strain and the professional version of the "Pylopass™ and Helicobacter pylori White Paper" for professional customers. More comprehensive product launch and scientific formula proposals. To meet the needs of the Chinese market, the OneHealth team successfully developed a live version of Pylopass™-Pylopass™Pro based on numerous long-term market researches, which was launched at this exhibition. This improved product against Helicobacter pylori has strengthened OneHealth's development momentum and confidence in the healthcare industry and will bring a new experience to consumers. BioFresh™4+ remedies the causes of bad breath and opens the golden age of oral care. The favorable policies such as the "13th Five-Year Plan" for a Healthy China and "China's Medium- and Long-Term Plan for Chronic Disease Prevention and Treatment" (2019-2025) have catapulted my country's oral care industry into a golden age of development, and the overall size of the domestic oral care market has exploded with tremendous growth potential. Consumers are attaching more and more importance to "fresh breath", and portable products such as mouthwash and halitosis mouth spray are increasingly preferred by the market. In response to the changes in the consumer market, the OneHealth team has focused on the research and development of BioFresh™4+, a fresh breath product for export. It uses a unique formula of plant extracts, the original organic raw materials reduce irritation and can target the decomposition of odorants that cause bad breath, quickly solve the problem of bad breath from the root, help the oral cavity achieve long-lasting fresh breath and support oral health. A variety of application formulations efficiently match real-world consumption scenarios The two products that the OneHealth team introduced at this show not only achieved technological breakthroughs in product efficacy, but also developed a variety of product forms based on real consumer needs and real application scenarios, including solid drinks and chewable tablets. These include solid drinks and chewable tablets, jelly, popping candies and microfoam tablets in various forms. The live demonstrations and tastings were well received by the audience. At this exhibition, the OneHealth team also demonstrated to guests the product charm of the brand's innovative design, track and product positioning. It is foreseeable that these two new products being introduced to the world have great potential to become demand hits. The high-level scientific research data and flexible product formulations will be closely combined to meet the differentiated needs of the market. This is the logic underlying the company's success and development. competitiveness. Strategic cooperation agreed with the "Natural Dietary Supplements Weathervane" Utremi In the probiotics industry, Novozymes OneHealth has been actively exploring deeper areas and hopes to find similar strategic partners to jointly promote the healthy development of the probiotics industry. The world-renowned German brand Utremi is known as the "wind vane of natural supplements" in the German dietary supplement industry, and is a leader in the cross-border e-commerce of probiotics. The development strategy of continuous integration of innovative technologies coincides with that of Novozymes OneHealth. At this exhibition, Novozymes OneHealth and Utrimei have agreed on a strategic cooperation and strong alliance, and will work together in the development of the probiotics industry to bring more new products of higher quality to the consumer market. Novozymes OneHealth Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co, Ltd. was founded. This exhibition is also a great event for the industry to exchange information and opinions. Novozymes OneHealth met with customers and guests, collected high-quality innovative resources from home and abroad, and held in-depth discussions with new media, mainstream media, experts and scientists, and leading enterprises on topics such as probiotic health, innovative nutrition products and diet ways. Analyze the market hotspots and look forward to discussing the key strategies for probiotics strategic design, diversified communication and cohesion to create a more influential exhibition brand. At the same time, Novozymes OneHealth focuses on cooperation with interested enterprises. Mr. Cheng Xian, General Manager of OneHealth, will also attend the inauguration ceremony of Novozymes OneHealth Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to discuss the new direction of probiotics industry. On the second day of the exhibition, Soren, the Consul General of Denmark in Guangzhou, will also visit the booth to see Novozymes OneHealth's new products and congratulate Novozymes OneHealth on the establishment of Novozymes OneHealth (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The product exchange session was full of lively questions Another highlight of the exhibition was when Ms. Peng Cheng, chief scientist of OneHealth, gave guests an overview of the gut health market and introduced the IBme™ gut health strain for relief of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which has been clinically proven to relieve IBS. The main symptoms such as pain, bloating, difficulty in bowel movement, etc., IBme™ is extracted from the healthy human intestine and passed from mother to baby during natural birth to protect the intestinal health in peace. Then, Mr. Chen Wei, the sales manager of OneHealth South China, introduced in detail and gave a taste of the new fresh breath product launched yesterday, BioFresh™4+. He opened the topic with the latest insights on the oral health market and consumer needs, citing the source of the plant extracts. BioFresh™ 4+, an organic substance, can more effectively get to the root of respiratory problems and has been used in a variety of innovative dosage forms. Liu Kun, sales manager in South China of OneHealth, then spoke about the current situation in the gastric health market and the ideal solution for Helicobacter pylori. The Pylopass™ strain has specific binding ability to Helicobacter pylori and can produce Helicobacter pylori. Co-Polymerization, also shared the updated version of the Pylopass™Pro live bacterial strain released yesterday and presented the popular science version of the Pylopass™ white paper to attendees. Attendees enthusiastically asked questions! Novozymes OneHealth benefits from the rapid development of the probiotics industry and the continuous increase in consumer demand, and maintains the attitude of pursuing science and quality in product development. Products with good effect are presented to consumers. Behind this is Novozymes OneHealth's original intention to bring differentiated, scientifically and clinically proven probiotic products to the market for many years. In the future, Vinovo OneHealth will continue its development mission "to help consumers meet the health challenges posed by modern lifestyles", to unite the best forces in the industry, to respond to the increasingly precise segmentation needs of consumers, to develop innovations and more Good products help consumers live better lives!

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