Panasonic is contributing $700 million to create Tesla 4680 battery cell by 2023

  • 24-January-2022

As per another report, Panasonic is contributing $700 million to deliver Tesla's 4680 battery cell at a production line in Japan by 2023.

Tesla is getting ready to begin creation of its first vehicle utilizing its 4680 battery cell, another tab-less battery cell in a greater configuration with new science uncovered in 2020.

Interestingly, the automaker intends to deliver its own cells to help its electric vehicle creation.

In any case, Tesla will require such countless cells that it is likewise banding together with current battery providers to convey their own creation of the new 4680 cell.

Panasonic, Tesla's most seasoned battery accomplice, has likely declared that it would convey a model creation line for the new battery cell.

Afterward, Panasonic's new CEO, Yuki Kusumi, said that it is ready to make a "enormous venture" in delivering Tesla's new battery cell assuming test creation demonstrates effective.

In October 2021, the Japanese producer disclosed its own 4680 cell created with Tesla.

Presently another report from Nikkei Asia guarantees today that Panasonic has approved a 80 billion yen ($705 million) speculation at its Wakayama industrial facility in Japan to deliver the 4680 cell for Tesla.

Panasonic would have rather not remark on the report and said that it is as yet centered around its test creation line:

We are reading up different choices for large scale manufacturing, including a test creation line we are setting up this business year. We don't, nonetheless, have anything to report as of now.

The report said that Panasonic was arranging a creation result of under 10 GWh at the plant.

At a normal pack size of 60 kWh, that is to the point of creating more than 150,000 vehicles each year.

Notwithstanding, it is guessed that Panasonic could likewise convey new creation lines for the 4680 cells at different industrial facilities, including potential GIgafactory Nevada where the organization as of now delivers 2170 cells for Tesla's Model 3 and Model Y vehicles delivered at Fremont manufacturing plant.

Alongside Panasonic, LG, Samsung, and CATL have all additionally shown that they expect to create 4680 cells for Tesla.

Alongside its own battery cell creation, which is being conveyed at Gigafactory Texas, Berlin, and Shanghai, Tesla said that it will purchase each battery cell it can from providers for a long time to come.

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