President Donald Trump Fights Back Against Nancy Pelosi

  • 19-October-2019

Nancy Pelosi struck President Donald Trump at a time when he was sure about his safety. She has decided to have an impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump because he has used his position as the President of United States to ask for the interference of a foreign government in 2020. To save his position from his political rivals, he asked for the Ukraine President to intervene. He offered the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to release $400m military aid which is Congress approved if he expects US to let him investigate Joe Biden.

He is not the first President to be accused by his political rivals to breach the national security. Andrew Johnson 1868, Richard Nixon in 1973, Bill Clinton in 1998 have also been charged with this notable distinction. It makes Donald Trump to be the fourth president who has betrayed the security of the nation for his own personal gains.

House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi is up to take the action. She says that the Democrats cannot ignore what Donald Trump did to his nation. Nancy Pelosi announced to have an impeachment inquiry on the base of the telephonic conversation between Donald Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky. Trump impeached the interest of the nation and he is being ridiculed by the Democarats for bringing disgrace to the presidency of the action. Previously also, people in power have been accused of obstructing justice, misuse of power.

The details of the conversation between Donald Trump and Mr Zelensky have been released in the press. Mr Trump also called Pelosi to give her the clearance about his phone call to the Ukraine’s President. However, Nancy Pelosi is not ready to buy his explanation. She claims that Mr. President does not even know what he did was wrong and beyond the laws. Zelensky wanted to get himself rid of the Russian-backed rebels. For defense purposes he wanted to buy more Javelins. Donald Trump agreed but he wanted a favor in return. He asked him to investigate The server for a theory about Democratic National Committee. To win the US elections 2020, he also wanted the Ukraine’s President to investigate Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.

The US. Intelligence officials filed a whistleblower complaint on the basis of this telephonic conversation. President Donald Trump has been reacting on twitter against his impeachment inquiry. He says that he is being a victim of the crooked media and Democratic blotch. He says that Nancy Pelosi is using unfair tactics to start an investigation against him.

Many think that Nancy Pelosi is being pointless and will not guarantee the removal of the president. They also say that the position of Trump is not threatened because of Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry. The Senate gets to decide the fate of the President and Donald Trump has the approval of 90 percent of the registered Republicans. No harm can be done to his position. Trump will not let her play with his position and he is fighting back with her to prove her inquiry wrong.

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