Redmi Watch 4 Introduces Alexa Integration: A Practical Enhancement

  • 01-April-2024

The Redmi Watch 4, a well-liked and reasonably priced smartwatch from Xiaomi, has been given a helpful update (version 2.2.80) that brings a much-desired feature: Amazon Alexa integration. This upgrade opens up the possibility of hands-free interaction, which simplifies chores and turns the smartwatch into a useful hub for home control.

Alexa Enhances the Features of the Redmi Watch 4

Redmi Watch 4 owners can now use voice commands to operate compatible smart home devices, check the weather, set alarms, and create reminders, among many other features, thanks to Alexa's integration. It is important to remember that this is Alexa with text feedback and controls. Consequently, sound is not included.

Nevertheless, the Redmi Watch 4's Alexa integration is more than just a neat trick. The convenience of smart home management and the ability to multitask are two reasons why having Alexa on one's wrist makes daily routines easier. The convenience of using voice commands to control your thermostat or smart lighting is inherent.

Furthermore, voice commands can lessen the necessity to check your watch or tinker with its menus—especially when your hands are full. Alexa can help you avoid wasting time by quickly adding items to your shopping list or setting a timer while cooking. Finally, voice control can make using the smartwatch more accessible and easy for users who struggle with dexterity or vision impairments.

The Redmi Watch 4's Background

Early in 2024, the Redmi Watch 4 was introduced in Europe and the UK. Despite its reasonable price of €100, its good feature set has helped it become popular. Silver Gray and Obsidian Black are the two case colors available. It also includes a range of strap choices, such as nylon, leather, and metallic.

The 1.97-inch AMOLED display, aluminum alloy frame, and easy-to-release strap all contribute to the smartwatch's elegant appearance. It provides extensive health tracking features, such as stress and sleep tracking, blood oxygen and heart rate monitoring, and an amazing selection of more than 150 sports modes.

A Crucial Note Regarding Availability

As per the Reddit thread, users in the US have reportedly begun receiving the feature already. However, there seem to be some initial limitations, so it's important to confirm whether Alexa support is available in your area.

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