Rumour: The Latest Switch Firmware Update Has Apparently Added Bluetooth Audio Support

  • 08-April-2021

The Nintendo Switch's recent 12.0.0 firmware update might not seem like much based on the official patch notes, but according to data miners there's much more exciting information on the back end of it.

Following on from yesterday's finding - suggesting a "new" Switch dock could be on the way, it's now supposedly been discovered that this latest update has added audio support to the system's Bluetooth driver.

As further noted by Oatmeal Dome , Bluetooth sound has been a "profoundly mentioned include" on the Nintendo Switch and with Bluetooth earphones getting progressively normal, we're certain numerous players would like having the option to associate certain remote headsets to their system.

To combat the lack of support for wireless headsets, over the years we've seen a bunch of third-party companies releasing dongles, which attach directly to the Switch.

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