Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Pro Battery Listed on India’s BIS; US Version of Watch 7 with eSIM Appears on Bluetooth SIG

  • 13-April-2024

A later release date for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 series is anticipated. A "Pro" version may be among the three at least that are to exist from the most recent lineup. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) website has now shown images of the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro, adding credence. On the Bluetooth SIG website, the US version of the Galaxy Watch 7 has also surfaced.

BIS details for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Pro

On BIS, 91mobiles has observed the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro. Not the smartwatch itself, but rather the battery (EB-705ABY).

A battery for the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro has the same model number attached to it. It would appear from this that the smartwatch is under development and will be released in India.

A prior report by Galaxy Club stated that the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro is anticipated to come with a 578mAh battery, which may be marketed as a 600mAh battery.

Additionally, it would have the largest battery on a Wear OS wristwatch. Wear OS 5, the most recent version, is anticipated to be available for the Galaxy Watch 7 series later this year.

US version of the Galaxy Watch 7 was observed on Bluetooth SIG

Also visible on the Bluetooth SIG website is the US version of the Galaxy Watch 7, model number SM-L305U.

SamMobile reported that this model in particular is the Galaxy Watch 7 eSIM version. The Galaxy Watch 7 Wi-Fi only model is designated as SM-L300.

A new 3nm chip, which is anticipated to offer a 50% increase in power efficiency over the Galaxy Watch 6, will be included in the Galaxy Watch 7 series. Additionally, Samsung is expected to boost the storage on the Galaxy Watch 7 to 32GB. There may be three models in the upcoming Samsung smartwatch lineup: the Galaxy Watch 7 Classic, the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro, and a "new" version. The new smartwatches would come in Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + eSIM versions.

The "Galaxy Watch FE" or "Galaxy Watch 4 (2024)" is the name of an allegedly low-cost Galaxy Watch. The "new" Galaxy Watch that will be released this year may be this one.

Samsung typically releases its newest foldable device and smartwatches in August. However, speculations for this year point to an early launch that takes place during the second week of July. This is anticipated to be the launch location for the new Samsung wearable and smartwatches.

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