Samsung’s anti-theft technology can remotely disable stolen TVs

Samsung’s anti-theft technology can remotely disable stolen TVs

Samsung South Africa has declared a new ‘Television Block Function’ to stop the robbery and resale of taken TVs. The crime-busting tech comes only weeks after the port city of Durban was grasped by a free for all of rioting and looting.

“TV Block is a remote, security solution that detects if Samsung TVs have been unduly activated, and ensures that the television sets can only be used by the rightful owners,” says Samsung South Africa.

At the point when a Samsung TV is switched on, it associates with the internet and sends its serial number to the organization’s servers. In the event that the number returns as stolen, the blocking system kicks in, disabling the set and making it useless.

Numerous retailers in South Africa don’t have the luxury of insurance, and some have needed to watch in horror as overstretched police make little or no attempt to stop looters making off with valuable electronic goods.

The system probably won’t keep cheats from separating taken TVs and selling off the most important parts, however Samsung solidly accepts the tech can “mitigate against” the offer of unlawful products “in South Africa and beyond”. The innovation is now pre-loaded on all Samsung TV products, apparently.

Legitimate purchasers who find that their TVs are blocked incorrectly can bid their case by emailing their proof of purchase, alongside a valid TV license, to

Most cell phones have comparable security features, permitting clients to distantly lock and wipe stolen handsets, yet Dutch e-bike producer Van Moof has taken anti-theft technology to a next level. It accommodates its bikes with GPS beacons as well as sends a team of recuperation specialists to recover taken bicycles from anyplace in the world.

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