Successful entrepreneur and Luxury lifestyle Icon, Yahia Hawarri spills beans on leading a life of luxury and panache

Successful entrepreneur and Luxury lifestyle Icon, Yahia Hawarri spills beans on leading a life of luxury and panache

By Nishant Piyush

“Not living by the rules and making Luxury the new normal” is how we can introduce the famous Yahia Hawarri.

33- Years old Yahia is an entrepreneur who runs an entourage of lucrative business from Fashion to education and real estate spanning across 3 different countries. He has curated a life for himself that is an epitome of grandeur and luxury.

Besides being an investor in thriving business areas, Yahia Hawwari incorporates luxury watches, cars and exotic masterpieces that perfectly complement his classic style.

Yahia Hawarri

The inception of this splendid life began when Yahia left to Cyprus to complete his bachelors in Computer Engineering. Staying away from home and leading an independent life, he developed a vision for the kind of lifestyle he wanted for himself. His passion for Luxury watches and High fashion statements found its true calling and just few years after coming back to Jordan he left for The United States to kick-start his first business while expanding his family business. Yahia’s dedication towards his work and his sharp nature were the key factors that helped him cultivate a supreme lifestyle. His iconic “Watch and Boots” pose caught everyone’s attention and soon he became exceedingly popular for his enormous collection of grand watches.

His star studded collection of glitzy and precious watches is more than just a delight to eyes. It’s his passion, something that he lives for . He possesses over 35 magnificent watches ranging from classic Rolex to Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe, His collection varies from fully Iced-out watches in baguettes and Flower arrangement. One of these that hold a special place in his collection is the Jordanian Royal family signature with a fully Iced Out Rolex in Arabic Dial that has an enequalled charm to it.

He is not just Known for splurging in extravagant timepieces. Yahia has more than 10 single digit license plate numbers that are just rare and not easy to attain at such a young age. Trading single digit license plates have now become quite common in the middle-east but 10 years back to own something so vogue was just a dream. A while ago he made more purchases to gather a total of a couple million Dollars’ worth license plate numbers. This only confirms his confidence and his “win it all” personality.

With his unique taste in fashion and luxurious ornamentation, Yahia is now being proclaimed as the Man who knows no boundaries when it comes to regality.

Hawarri’s renowned investment group has also become the talk of the town. With churning successful projects , it’s been able to garner wealth and has boosted a life of royalty. We hope that with more valuable additions, Yahia is able to showcase a lifestyle of opulence.

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