YouTube’s most recent beta test brings one of its best Music-exclusive features to the fundamental Android application

While many Google applications use server-side updates to try out forthcoming features with a select gathering of clients, YouTube does things somewhat better. The video monster has an effectively open rundown of impending upgrades right now in beta, permitting any watchers – insofar as they’re Premium endorsers – to join and use being developed apparatuses somewhat sooner than expected. Its most recent feature is currently available to all, however its crowd is somewhat more region-locked than you may anticipate.

The organization is testing “Smart downloads” for its Android application, bringing perhaps its best device from YouTube Music to the main app (through 9to5Google). When empowered, Smart downloads naturally save prescribed videos to your phone over a Wi-Fi organization, so you’re prepared to continue to observe regardless of where your life takes you. Downloaded content shows up in the Library tab, close by your watch history and playlists. With the limit of recordings downloaded every week covered at 20, you don’t have to stress over YouTube taking the entirety of your phone’s internal storage.

Sadly, not every person can take part in this most recent investigation, paying little mind to your Premium status. This component appears in YouTube’s “New” website page or its “Try new features” menu hidden within the mobile application, yet just for certain clients in Europe. It doesn’t appear as though it’s live anyplace in North America or different regions around the globe.

All things considered, it appears to be logical that Smart downloads are at last coming to the standard YouTube application. Sometime, any Premium subscriber will find the opportunity to store a few auto-downloaded videos for themselves.


Microsoft is testing Android app APKs support on Windows 11 with this free tool


Microsoft is right now testing Android app support on Windows 11. While the functionality will extraordinarily extend the number of apps accessible on Windows 11, just Android applications from the Amazon Appstore will show up within the Microsoft Store (at least for now). You can, notwithstanding, sideload Android applications onto Windows 11. This allows you to install a lot more applications, however the process to do as such is complicated. A new tool called WSATools improves on the process of installing APKs onto Windows 11.

WSATools makes a point and click interface for sideloading applications. Individuals don’t have to use command line and ADB to install APKs. This brings down the bar for entry with regards to sideloading applications from outside the Amazon Appstore. WSATools is an unofficial tool and is in its early stages. The version listed in the Microsoft Store is really an older version that is not exactly prepared, as per its developer Simone Franco.

Notable leaker WalkingCat shared the link to WSATools. Franco explained that a new version with a finalized design is coming.

In any event, while sideloading Android applications onto Windows 11, there are limits. Apps that require the Google Play Store won’t work without some additional work. A developer managed to install the Google Play Store onto Windows 11, yet the process is quite complex.