Tara Moheb's description about the supervisor

  • 29-January-2022

(Sales Supervisor)

The sales supervisor is actually one of the visitors of the collection, for example, a capillary distribution company that leads and manages other visitors.

The professional sales supervisor is responsible for entertaining other visitors and providing the necessary training tips, especially for new staff.

She is introduced as the captain of a small group of about 5 to 6 visitors, which also acts as a liaison between the visitors and the sales manager;  Which, of course, according to the company's policy can be the interface between visitors and the company's sales manager.

(Summary of Sales Supervisor Tasks)

She must mobilize all his energy, activity and planning to increase sales with the help of sales forces.

She should also be responsible for selling and visiting those areas that currently do not have visitors so that no area is left empty.

Other tasks of a professional sales supervisor include fixing visitors' flaws during the activity, especially body language flaws.

  First, check the presence and absence of its subordinate personnel.

Then She has to check the position of the visitor in the designated routes and their speed.

The speed of the customer's visit and ensuring the maximum visit in the designated areas are also among the other tasks assigned to him.

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